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everyman schedule question

2:00 4 hour core

3:00 4 hour core

4:00 4 hour core

5:00 4 hour core

17:00 20 min nap

23:00 20 min nap


3:00 3 hour core

4:00 3 hour core

5:00 3 hour core

11:00 20 min nap

17:00 20 min nap

23:00 20 min nap

im wondering with the first one if it would even work in the first place? with my schedule i have to be awake during a 7 hour window it would be difficult to sleep at 11:00 could you even be awake for that long? or do you guys think it would fail horribly trying to be awake for that long of a period

the second choice is more standard i understand but it would be hard for me to nap at 11:00

so i would much rather prefer the first option.. thanks in advance

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I think you'd need another 1/2 hour in your core sleep for your 1st schedule. For me, and for most people who seem successful with polyphasic sleep, your core sleep time should be a multiple of 1.5 hours (unless you're doing uberman). In 1.5 hours you'll complete a full sleep cycle, hitting every phase along the way; in 4.5 hours, you'd get 3 full cycles in. With 4 hours, you'll be waking up somewhere in the middle of a cycle, which will leave you feeling worse than if you'd just gotten up after 3 hours.

As for your question about the time between your sleep periods, unless my math is wrong, I count 11 hours between your core sleep and first nap at 5PM. That's not gonna work at all.

Regarding schedule 2, what makes you think it'd be hard to sleep at 11? Your environment? 5 hours between your core sleep and first nap isn't too short, in my opinion. That 7 hour stretch between naps 1 and 2 would be rough for me, though.

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