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Monkey's Cheat Day Reminder...

Some little monkeys wanted to give you some Cheat day reminders (Only applicable to full Dieters Gone Wild Day)

:yes: :news:

After you wake up...


and brush your teeth:


take a cold shower:


Dry off and get dressed:


scramble some eggs (with in 30 minutes of waking):


just a little bit later, remember your grapefruit juice:


and if you're taking PAGG throw that into the mix:


now the fun begins:


You've died and gone to heaven!


Eat whatever you want:









and drink lots of water (using your tongue will burn more fat!!)


before your first cheat meal try out

glut-4 exercises like air squats (no need to leave the ground)...


wall presses (shown from above)...


After worrying about if all the fattening foods you just ate will undo all your progress...


repeat glut-4 exercises 60-90 minutes later...


this time switch it up with some chest pulls...


If you're drinking enough, you'll probably have to go to the bathroom ALOT...


somewhere along the way throw in some resistance training...


and/or an ice bath...


then go party with some friends

B) :party:

as you walk around in a sugar/fat/carb high...


when you get home, throw out any evil junk food


so it doesn't surprise you the day after...


by now you're probably super sleepy and ready to crash...


but don't forget your PAGG before you doze off..


If you want, leave a comment how you feel after cheat day by using monkeys here: http://4hourpeople.com/smile.doc )

  • ceco commented Sep 19th 2011:

    You rock and rule!


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omg too cute!!!

today is cheatday

eaten half a cupcake

some cheesecake

half a bagel

grapefruit segments

a cake ball

bread pudding

sweet potatoe tart

banana bread

this was one meal- small portions of each, but now i dont even want to cheat anymore today!! feeling a bit bloated ...ran 10 km this morning

going for froyo a bit later.....

i find cheatday rough to be honest..... i miss having a few treats throughout the week, but i know this plan works.....

  • justin commented Sep 19th 2011:

    dang it. I should have had a cupcake yesterday....

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what a great tip reminder! thanks


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butttt i thought all this was for a binge day (cheat day is mandatory once a week, binge day is anything outside of that)

have i been doing cheat day wrong??

  • justin commented Sep 19th 2011:

    Binge Day IS Cheat Day. You would use these on what you call binge day or cheat day. You don't need to do these, but they will help minimize the damage. Cheat Day can also be restricted to a single cheat meal.


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I think the monkeys just made the reminder that much more awesome!

  • justin commented Sep 24th 2011:

    There's monkeys?


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Excellent!! We love us some monkeys!



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"BRILLIANT", said in a witty Scottish accent!


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Haha this is awesome.

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