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Hi, all! I'm 5'2" female, 51 yrs old, with 1 adult child. When I first saw 4HB book on the best seller list, I rejected the idea because I thought the title was just a gimmick. A few months ago, I picked up the book in a bookstore, and after reading the first few pages, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! I bought the book just because I thought the content was fascinating. Finally, I was convinced to try the diet, and now I am hooked! It's been 3 1/2 weeks, and I have lost 8 lbs.

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Congrats, great start so far! I'm also impressed that you were in a bookstore and you read. ;) That trait seems to be getter rarer these days!

  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 17th 2011:

    LOL, James, my age is showing! Hubby and I still like to browse at the bookstores, and he usually has to drag me outta there! Sometimes we'll pick out the titles we want, then go home and order them from Amazon.

    I'm VERY pleased with my results so far, given my age and gender! I am in a weight loss contest with some co-workers, and I am in the lead over the females, but still trailing behind the males. As I learn to make corrections and see better results, I expect to KICK BUTT and bypass the males.

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 18th 2011:

    Yeah! Beat dem males!!! I'm beating my hubby in weight loss! :)

  • JamesAt15 commented Sep 18th 2011:

    Ah, an old timer! I am starting to feel like one of those. Can't seem to find time to read much anymore. Seems to be getting a bit better as I buy books on Kindle and then read them on the trains during my commute.

    Keep at it on the diet! I feel like a newbie to it, pretty much, but I have been very pleased with it so far (about 1.5 months in at this point). Going to add some more exercises once my kettlebell gets here (tomorrow!) and see if I can push out some more impressive results. I should have made a bet with my coworker - so far I am way ahead of him in weight loss. ;)

  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 18th 2011:

    Thanks for the encouragement, you guys! I am not normally a competitive person, but when it comes to weight-loss, I become FIERCE, LOL!


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Rock it, Mighty Mite!

  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 18th 2011:

    Thanks for the support, Joy!


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Welcome to the site!


  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 17th 2011:

    Thanks for the welcome! This is the best 4HB site I could find. Lots of great info, and VERY helpful, friendly community.

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