Morning protein shake tip.

I wanted to share something I am doing for the early morning/after waking up 30 grams of protein intake recommended.

The protein I am using is actually very easy to drink (chocolate flavor) at 25 grams of protein per serving, but a few dashes of cinnamon powder makes it taste really good + according to the book it slows the absorption of nutrients into your blood stream.

Not sure if this is good, bad or indifferent but it makes tastier.

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So the protein I am using is the 6 Lb bag I bought at Costco and the brand is from Wellements http://www.wellements.com/premium-pro-rated-milk-chocolate-flavor-protein

As for progress I been on the slow-carb almost a full month, going by the scale the results are mixed, however the pictures I have do show some but light improvements, however I must say I feel like a million, sleeping like a baby, got rid of acid reflux, mentally stronger (I've been really strict with the foods) and the list keeps going.

I am also 39, so I think my progress will go a bit slower than many of you, but I am committed.


Yeah I would avoid that product.

Reading the ingredients, it has Cornsyrup soilds, Splenda, Caseinate (a milk derivative), Nonfat dry milk, and Milk in it... All are not allowed on the Slow Carb diet.

Here is an alternative that I am ordering, which has very good reviews and contains no artificial sweeteners:



We use Gold Standard Naturals with no articficial sweeteners and only 5 carbs, if I am replacing a meal I will combine it with a tbsp of all natural peanut butter or almond butte, a little cinnamon and it's a great snack


Found this info about protein shakes on another site and wanted to share it with you:

"Almost all protein powder mixes are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, all of which stall fat loss. Many of them contain sucralose/Splenda, which kills good bacteria in your stomach that normally facilitate fat loss. If you're going to use an unflavored protein powder in say, water or almond milk, then sure, go for it. Just read the label and ingredients carefully for any of the banned items or artificial sugars. At the end of the day it's always best to get your protein from whole foods like eggs and meat."

  • LauraCox commented Feb 7th 2011:
    Haha, I wrote that on Tim's blog...Well now you know my answer!


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How do we feel about BSN's Syntha-6? I've been using it, until I realized it contains sucralose. That sweet chocolate flavor was just too good to be true!


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What are everyone's thoughts on using unflavoured and unsweetened powder in water with cinnamon and a tsp or less of real coco for sweetness and added flavour?

I haven't been experiementing with too many powders yet but I know I need to because it's very hard for me to get 30gs of protien within 30 mins of waking any other way.

I know I need to find a protein powder that I'll be able to get down, and I'm not sure I could do the unsweetened unflavoured kinds.

So if you were to do a protein powder that had a small amount of artificial sweetenters or the combination I posed above, what would you choose?



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What protien shake are you using, and has it been working?

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