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What I learned from all of you about Whey

So, like I said I started this diet about 3 weeks ago. I was doing fabulously! I was so stoked and excited about how easy it was. I even recommended this book to some friends and all of them are now starting. Anyway, back to my story. After realizing that eating so much food in the morning was rather difficult for me, I decided to do the protein shake. I purchased a HUGE bag of Whey protein from Costco. I live on Maui and we dont always have the best selection of things. I was drinking this protein shake like it was nobodies business! For the last two weeks, I didnt lose a single pound. I was so discouraged but coincidentally I started a new birth control regime and it was affecting my hormones tremendously. I had my cycle for the the entire time. So I wasnt about to make the mistake of mistiming my weight loss with that. I kept on going and still no results. Finally I came across this forum and found something on whey. Needless to say I decided to STOP drinking the shake. I am happy to inform everyone that I am now losing weight again! It started the very next day after I stopped. I am so pumped now and ready to keep going. I want to say thank you to everyone and throw in my 2 cents about Whey. With my own person experience, I would try and stay away from it.


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Very good to know! Thank you! So, now, when someone asks "How about a protein shake?", we will say "No whey, Jose!".


Sorry, I couldn't resist.............

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    Oh, c'

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I think the most important thing about the arguement over the use of Whey Protein is to remember that everyones body reacts differently and one of the major points of the Slow Carb Diet is "Body Hacking", figuring out what works in your body and what doesn't. It seems like you have discovered that your body reacts negatively to Whey.

I myself have not experienced negative effects from Whey. I have used it through out my Slow Carb experience. I went from 222lbs to my current 168lbs with a Whey shake every day in the morning with the exception of a two week period where I experimented to see if my weight loss would be faster without it (For both weeks I lost 2.5lbs, my typical average is normally between 2.5-4.5).

I do add fiber to my Whey shakes which has been shown to slow down the digestion of Whey (as well as almost any other food out there), and I do not eat or drink anything else for a few hours. So even if there is an insulin spike there is a minimal amount of calories present, meaning more than likely my body will use it as fuel rather than store it.

There are good reasons to add Whey to your diet. First and foremost is getting the amount of protein the body needs is not always easy or inexpensive. Often Whey is cheaper than buying Steak or Chicken, and one scoop for most types is 25-30g of Protein. The second most important reason would be all of the current research linking Whey Protein with cancer fighting properties. There are other values including the Biological Value of Whey, but I won't get into that since the debate is still wide open on whether Whey ranks so high because it is absorbed so quickly or because all of the nitrogen in the food gets incorporated into the body.

Either way, I am glad you were able to figure out what it was that was hindering you, but for those of you stuck on the debate of whether to add a Whey shake to your diet for whatever reason, try it, experiment, determine if it helps or hinders, and act accordingly.

  • seanstr commented Sep 15th 2011:

    You know, I really appreciate this reply. It seems to me that a lot of people miss the main point, which is to experiment and see how things work for you. Tim Ferris pointed out what worked for him, using meticulous record keeping. Most people on this forum seem to think that the 4HB is some written-in-stone checklist of what or what not to do. I don't believe TF meant it that way. Isolate your variables, add things, remove things. See what works both physiologically and psychologically.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Sep 15th 2011:

    Seanstr, I'm in complete agreement. I've loved the self-experimentation I'm doing. If someone had just handed me a list of do's and don'ts, I'm really not sure I would have stuck with it. Now, my "plan" is tailormade for Gretchen!

  • angi465 commented Sep 15th 2011:

    I totally agree! I have no problem with heavy cream, small amounts of parmesan cheese on my salad or butter, but some folks do. I like the body hacking of this plan. It recognizes that all bodies are different.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Sep 16th 2011:

    Agree completely. Besides being successful with Whey, the Whey I use is Chocolate Flavoured, and I mix it in a cup of milk, which of course doesn't work for most people. I to have no problem with a bit of cheese here and there. Some things that might cause a complete stall in some might not do anything to others.

  • Akaardry Akaardry commented Sep 20th 2011:

    Thank you for the input guys! It is funny that you mention experimenting with it because I decided to do so. Someone said that it could be ok in the morning if you dont eat for a few hours after, I am going to try this because eating all that food in the morning is JUST TO HARD FOR ME. So, I am testing it out for this week. I will give you guys an update to let you know how it goes. I know there are many different opinions out there and I am happy to read every one of them!

  • BeaglesBuddy commented Oct 9th 2011:

    I have been losing weight pretty steadily since May except for 1 month. 40 pounds total. I take athletic greens with water in the morning and about 2 months in I added no carb vanilla whey protein into the drink. Completely stalled all weight-loss. took it out the next month and weightloss resumed. i didnt gain from it but just stopped losing. I might add it back in when i hit my target. definitely helped my energy levels.


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My personal "hack" has been to use hemp protein rather than whey. I also use "hemp milk" as the liquid in my morning shake. It is perfect for me...


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Brilliant contribution and research! Thank you! I will link to this anytime anyone asks about protein powder :D

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