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so can someone break down the 100% compliance?

i've got the foods down I can and can't eat..it's all the other stuff..

ice water on first waking,

pills before meals,

air squats,presses before meals and after

cold thearpy

drinking grapefruit juce before 2nd meal of day on cheat day

is there a simple this is what you do page because reading all this in the book seems to get lost on me when i come to applying it.

  • justin commented Sep 15th 2011:

    If this is in regards to my recent post on 100% compliance, It is strictly in regards to food rules as set forth in SCD I & II or Last Mile and eating 30g protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Pills / ice water / cold therapy / squats etc are all in subsequent chapters and become things for you to test. (Though the extras all work very well.) The two weeks I compared in my post, the greater weight loss had none of the extras (except cinnamon oil)...while the first had them all: PAGG, ice water, cold therapy, squats, cinnamon, grapefruit, even kombucha etc...


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It can definitely be overwhelming to try to follow everything in the book all at once. Maybe you could be the one to compile the list of things to do as you read, then share it here. That would be awesome, and eliminate a lot of confusion.

In the meantime, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you could try just getting the diet down, then incorporate one new thing per week.

  • guestnurse commented Sep 17th 2011:

    Thanks Justin, Yes, I was referring to your post

  • angi465 commented Sep 17th 2011:

    This is what I'm doing Wired. I just add one thing a week.

  • 4hbnprog commented Sep 17th 2011:

    I did as 42Wired suggested, and compiled my own basic list, then added to it as I was ready to incorporate more "secret weapons", as. I like to call them. I think it works better for you to pick and choose which things you want to add beyond the basics. If you really want someone else to do it for you, Google 4 hour body couple. They have a cheat sheet on their site that might help.

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Well, I don't overdo, and at the same time don't overexpect.

I eat fairly good, exercise little, never ice bath or ice drink, drink a bottle of grapefruit during cheat day, drink cinnamon coffee during the week, drink water but not barrels, take no supplements.

If I had to think about when what why all the time of the day, I had no time for ll my other activities.

Take it easier, try to follow the rules you can follow without effort. Later, when that is all normal to you, add more stuff.

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