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Member intro: 15kgs to loose.

I live in the Middle East with my husband and two children. I am 15kgs over weight and am trying to loose it all before i take a four day horse ride through Jordan in early November. I have following the FhB for two weeks...oh and I am a strict ovoLacto vegetarian.


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Welcome Cal560,

I'm an ovo-lacto pescatarian. The SCD is quite do-able as a vegetarian although we don't have as many options as meat eaters. Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Cal560 commented Sep 15th 2011:

    thanks for the welcome. I am following this strictly but I have started getting leg cramps during the night. Have you experienced this? I am taking all the supplements, AGG/PAGG and Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium....I am not sure if I need more salt? or water?

  • paulshack commented Sep 15th 2011:

    At the start I used to get leg cramps so I made sure I had leaf spinach with every meal and magnesium, calcium and potassium twice a day and they quickly disappeared. Correlation may not indicate causation but it worked for me. I hope they pass quickly-I really hated them.

  • paulshack commented Sep 17th 2011:

    I must admit I found losing the salt made me feel a lot better on the whole-I cooked everything with Marigold Bouillon (gluten free) stock and added a bit of freshly ground chilli and black pepper. I feel you on the eggs though!

  • loretta commented Sep 15th 2011:

    I am just starting to experience leg cramps and I am going on 10 weeks on the SCD. I am not taking Mag, Cal, or Pot, but am going to start. I do use salt, mostly because beans and eggs just aren't the same without it!

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Welcome Cal560! 15kgs in 7 seven weeks is achievable. Check out the forums for vegetarian diet plans. Good luck!

  • Cal560 commented Sep 15th 2011:

    thanks Paul.

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