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Pagg stack Dubai?

Hi can anyone recommend where to buy all of the supplements in Dubai? I can't find the pagg stack and I am buying separately. Supercissus I cant find anywhere. Help is welcome!

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You can buy each of the PAGG items, but want to buy them together? You will most likely need to buy them online. They aren't available in stores anywhere together.

They are actually more effective separate because each piece of the stack are absorbed more effectively with different delivery methods.

  • Cal560 commented Sep 11th 2011:

    thanks. I am buying each AGG item seperately from Mirdiff Mall Holland and Barratt at the moment. Policosanol from Dubai Mall but it's very expensive.

    Any other suggestions?

    Also I can't find Supercissus Rx, have you been able to source in Dubai?

  • justin commented Sep 11th 2011:

    PAGG is not needed for results. As Tim says all the supplements will only give you a 10% return meaning you will reach your fat loss goal only 1-2 weeks sooner. The main benefit is helping with sugar cravings. For cheaper sugar craving reduction I suggest focusing more on garlic and cinnamon alone and even peppermint. But more importantly make sure you are 100% following the diet. No little cheats. Cissus works better with starch meals as described in Occam's chapter---which you won't be consuming during SCD.

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