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Getting great results? What's on your plate?

I had great results following the slow carb diet and a lot of people wanted to know exactly what I ate and how I exercised. So I'm going to post my detailed meal plan here and encourage you to do the same. I certainly did NOT follow all of the rules! My diet was more protein heavy because I really hate beans (Tim said to just have extra protein & veggies instead).

Right after waking: .5L of ice water *1.5 was a typo sorry

Before each meal: AGG, cinnamon, and full glass of lemon water

Protein-heavy breakfast within 1 hour of waking up:

Breakfast A (35g protein):

3 Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, butter, scallions, and thyme, and 2 oz of chopped up ham

On the side: 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, 1/2 c of edamame (in the shell)

Breakfast B (30g protein):

2 soft boiled eggs

Sliced avocado wrapped in 1oz of smoked salmon

On the side: 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, 1/2 cup of edamame (in the shell)


Carrots & edamame (fresh & dry roasted)

Almond butter

an occasional indulgence of Columbus hard salami

Lunch A (28g protein):

Spinach salad with artichokes, hearts of palm, raw broccoli, shelled edamame, 4oz ham, 1 hard boiled egg

1TB Newman's Italian dressing

Lunch B (28g protein):

Sliced tomatoes topped with:

Tuna 'salad' made with with olive oil, kalamata olives, black pepper

Handful of almonds

Lunch C(28g protein):

Homemade lentil soup with 2oz of bacon

Grilled asparagus w/just a dash of parmesan

Dinner A

Seared ahi tuna, or any fish

Sauteed spinach with garlic herb butter and sesame seeds

Dinner B

Sauteed shrimp scampi with butter, garlic, and lemon juice

Cauliflower romanesco

Dinner C

Sliders: Mini hamburgers topped with sauteed onions, avocado (w/o bread)

Side salad of spinach, broccoli, and carrots

Where's the beans you ask? I mostly snacked on edamame throughout the day to get my carbs and curb my hunger. Anytime I'd get hungry, I'd refill the bowl. You really can't overeat these so if you like them, then use em!! Adding beans to my meals would ruin the entire flavor palate of the meal, so I opted to have them in between my meals. I would also snack on soy nuts to change it up once in a while. They're pretty tasty!

For sweets:

The occasional Steviade (lemonade with stevia and fresh mint), strawberry sugar-free JELLO with whipped cream 1x/week, and a little Maxwell International cafe french vanilla coffee in my coffee.

For exercises, I did 30 minutes of these 2x/week:


During and just after workouts: 1/2 SYNTHA-6 chocolate shake, I can't live without it!! That's about it, leave me a comment on my profile if you have any questions...

  • mustangmae commented May 26th 2011:

    Laura, I love SYNTHA-6 as well but it has a whopping 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving. There is SOOO much information it all get confusing!! I like to work out early in the morning and getting up and eating a SCD breakfast does not even make me want to go to the gym.

    Questions: 1.So would you drink 1/2 shake during your workout and then finish the rest once you completed it? Or was it just 1/2 shake in total?

    2. When would you suggest I eat my SCD breakfast. I generally go to the gym around 7:30am.

    Many thanks for all the information you post and many smiles,


  • petrajoy commented May 29th 2012:

    Thank you for the info! This is very helpful!


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Thank you so much Laura! I've been on the 4hourbody program for a month now, and have seen very little noticeable results. I'm going to print this out and go by this. Will be posting pictures soon.


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Thanks for posting this! I can't recall right now, but are we supposed to have 30g of protein in each meal? Thanks :)

  • LauraCox commented Feb 5th 2011:
    Yes, you're supposed to eat 30g of protein for breakfast and a total of 1.25x per pound of lean body mass each day for muscular gain. That's about 30g per meal for me!


Laura, was curious if you've done any ice baths/cold showers?

  • LauraCox commented Feb 16th 2011:
    I took some 'cool' showers after working out a couple of times, but it was too hard to do every day. I did drink ice water every morning though.


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hi there - i'm amazed at your results as well and want to replicate your plan as much as possible! did you take Poliocosanol at all as well?


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Hi Laura! Tks for that.

It seems that we shouldn't take the cinnamon pill with an empty stomach. At the same time, you state that you have a cinnamon pill BEFORE every meal. So how does that work?

  • LauraCox commented Apr 15th 2011:
    I meant empty as in 100% empty (no food or water). Taking it with full glass of lemon water will give you plenty enough fluid in your stomach to not cause cinnamon 'reflux'.
  • mustangmae commented May 17th 2011:
    Hey Laura, Can you just add cinnamon to your coffee after a meal or is it more effective before your meal??


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Hi Laura,

Thanks for your post. I've been doing the four hour body for a month now and although I've found it hard not to eat bread on a Sunday (day after my binge day) I've still over all lost inches. Reading through your post I think I'm actually eating the wrong amount of protein and wondered if you could explain how to figure out how much protein to eat a day and how to figure out lean body mass? I've been having a whey protein shake for breakfast with one egg (in an omelet style) and then been weighing about 120g of chicken/red meat for the rest of the day. By weighing I mean literally weighing uncooked meat. I currently weigh 65kgs and have a layer of fat surrounding everything that I would really like to shift!



  • fayedenn commented Apr 21st 2011:
    Hi Laura, Just reading this - thanks for posting- I am not getting how to figure out how much is 30 g/meal of protein. Can you explain again? Thanks Faye
  • LauraCox commented Mar 15th 2011:
    Via the 'Myth of 30 grams' section: 0.8–2.5 grams of protein/kg of body weight or for mass gain 1.25 grams/lb of current lean bodyweight. You're only eating ~23g of protein + your breakfast, so you're getting .8g/kg now, try to get 30g/meal minimum.


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Did you struggle to get 15L of iced water down?

I tried a pint of room temperature water this morning and nearly brought it up again.

(I could probably get round this by being really hungover every morning though...; )

  • sirspiffy commented May 26th 2011:

    Its not so bad its only one big smart water bottle


Hello Laura,

I love Syntha-6 as well!! I go to the gym in the morning and find it difficult to eat a 30g breakfast upon waking so I have been opting for a protein shake to give me energy at the gym. Is this a good meal replacement for the SCD. I am supposed to get 117grams of protein per day. It is very difficult to eat 4 meals so is one shake of Syntha-6 going to effect my results that much.

I want to reduce my % fat as well as maintain my muscle so I am sort of incorporating the SCD with the Kiwi workout and some HIIT training twice a week. I dropped 3% body fat and only a few kgs, but lost approximately 10 inches thus far. In the last week I am plateauing and I am wondering how or should I drop the shake!!

Anyone's opinion would be greatly appreciated!!




Laura, how much cinnamon and lemon do you take at a time? Thanks for posting this!

  • LauraCox commented Feb 5th 2011:
    Hi Katie, I squeeze about 1/2-1 lemon in a huge glass of water, and take cinnamon in capsules, about 1g with each meal (don't take on an empty stomach, you could cough it up).
  • cvesper commented Aug 4th 2011:

    I thought Tim only said to have lemon on cheat days, and not with every meal. You'd recommend it though?


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Thank you so much for this. Very helpful. I'm on my first week of the diet after quitting for awhile. I just got so sick of beans I couldn't stand it anymore. (And I like beans!) This time I've done a lot more salads and meat like you.

This week for lunch I had a variation of this salad everyday: Spring mix lettuce, half an avocado, sliced tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and some days I added a hard-boiled egg, bacon, or leftover meat from dinner the night before. I did use a honey-mustard dressing and am realizing now that is probably too much sugar. So next week I am going to try to switch to Balsamic Vinegarette or Italian dressing. I figure as long as I am moving in the right direction, it is good.

For dinner last night I made a stir fry with thinly sliced flank steak, red bell peppers, onions and jalapenos. So tasty! A little hot, but good.

For breakfast, I've been having two eggs and either turkey bacon or regular bacon. Trying to avoid regular bacon as I know I can be healthier.

Thought I'd share a bit of my meals as you did. Thank you!

  • Arelleth commented Aug 15th 2011:

    I get sick of beans as well, glad to see that there are some alternatives!!


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Awsome Laura! Just one question, how are you taking the cinnamon? In powder? Pills?

  • LauraCox commented Feb 5th 2011:
    I take cinnamon in capsules, about 1g with each meal. Don't take them on an empty stomach though, you might cough up pure powder!
  • username commented Aug 15th 2011:

    what exactly is the benefit of cinnamon?

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