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A Happy Permaculturist

I have lost 40lbs following a simple slow carb diet.


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how long did it take you?

  • ajzagelow commented Sep 9th 2011:

    I attended an eight month permaculture design certification course at a local university (Portland State University) but I was practicing permaculture long before that. Are you interested in becoming certified?

  • LoLo commented Sep 9th 2011:

    haha no sorry i meant how long did it take you to lose 40 lbs?

  • justin commented Sep 10th 2011:


  • ajzagelow commented Sep 10th 2011:

    LOL oh dumb took me about 9 months. I started at 236 lbs and plateaued at 200 lbs for 3 months then I increased both my calorie intake and my work out intensity and dropped to 194 where I have been the last couple of months. My goal is 185 so I'm now developing a strategy to get there, these last few pounds are proving to be the hardest to loose.

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Awesome, permaculture "rocks". Really cool system.

Thanks for sharing your success!


  • ajzagelow commented Sep 9th 2011:

    Yes permaculture does rock! Do you practice permaculture?

  • JoyMc commented Sep 9th 2011:

    no, I am only an observer and fan of the practice.


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Congratulations!! Sounds like you've had great success! Mind sharing your diet for inspiration?

  • ajzagelow commented Sep 10th 2011:

    My diet is boring. Breakfast is the same almost everyday, black beans, eggs, vegies (spinach or peppers or whatever) and sometime turke bacon.

    Lunches are usually a recipe from the 4 hour cookbook or a slow carb recipe I find on line, lots of soups or beans, meat & vegies.

    Dinners are more fun, I have several slow carb recipes I tend to rotate through but they key for me is not to wander from the slow carb receipies. If I'm still hungry I simply eat more. As a matter of fact I consume more calories now per meal than I did when I was 40 lbs heavier.

    Also I purchased the P90X work out program and it really helped tighten things up. My rule though is to break a sweat every single day.

  • GettingThere commented Sep 10th 2011:

    Thanks that's really helpful! And I like the idea to "break a sweat everyday!" Keep up the great work!

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