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Hey 4hourPEOPLe

My name is Alex

I'm a sophmore in college currently living in champaign urbana IL

I'm excited to join the forum and get some help on my new lifestyle.

so many of your posts have already inspired me to continue on

I've been on my new "diet" for about a week now and i was wondering if anyone could look over my meal plan

Currently ive been eating this meal 3 times a day

Peas,corn, broccoli and cauliflower with either a side of egg a or chicken thigh (sometimes both)

I do use a decent amount of soy sauce on the vegetables for flavor

I was hoping someone could double check my meal plan to make sure im not breaking any rules

Also ive been warming up to the cold showers but have read on the internet that they aren't that effective. Has anyone has success doing cold showers only? because i'm definitely not down for the ice bath.


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Looks like you're not getting enough protein -- minimum is 30g breakfast, 20g lunch, 20g dinner. Ex: 1 egg is 6g. Read labels and figure out what a minimum serving would be for you of the proteins you like. Also, you need beans or lentils with at least breakfast and lunch. Count the legumes' protein in your protein total. You need the slow carbs of legumes + adequate protein to put your body into fat-burning mode and to prevent hunger and cravings.

Soy sauce is a no-no; it has or is made with wheat, a fast carb.

As kitchenboy said, ditch the corn. It is a grain and full of sugar. Peas are high in sugar, so go easy on them, although I have been able to have them a few times a week with no problem.

Have you read the book? Try to get it if you haven't, and these "rules" may make more sense to you.

Re the protein: that 70g per day is a minimum. A lot of folks say that you should have about a g of protein per lb of ideal body weight, each day. So a woman with a goal weight of 130 might need as much as 130g per day of protein if she is not losing well, or has hit a plateau.

Also, my advice (16 weeks on 4HB) is to track everything and see what works for YOU. Create a baseline of the same few meals for a couple of weeks, and then you can add or substitute various things to see what influences your results. It really is fun to experiment and learn about how your particular body reacts!


  • chopsticks commented Sep 9th 2011:

    hey, thanks for the reply. I have the book and i've read the parts on diet a couple times. i just dont know exactly what a carb or a slow carb actually is but your post helped clear somethings up

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Corn should not be on your diet - corn is a starch, not a slow carb

Add some beans - it really seems to help


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welcome to the site.

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