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Taking my body back

I'm a 28 year old 295lb man. Six months ago I was 320lbs and two weeks ago I was 305lbs. That's when I started the SCD.

Years ago I was an athlete. I played football, basketball, tennis... ect. Ive always been a big guy, playing d-line in college at 330lbs, but dropped to 275 after. Since then I have become less active and have been drinking a whole lot more beer.

My goals are to get down to 20% body fat. I'm not really looking to bulk back up, but I would like to tome up as well.

I'm just looking for a bit of a support base. Just about everyone I tell about this diet think I'm nuts.

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Hello and welcome :) I am sure you will find the support you are looking for, among people who use -and benefit by- the same diet.

Everyone who thinks you're nuts.. prove them wrong by remaining on the diet and show how much better you'll look a little ways down the road :)


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We can do this together man... don't talk to anyone just to avoid any negative feedback. You are very young, still plenty of time ahead. Imagine that time but with a healthy lifestyle :)


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one thing i got from the four hour body book was that you have too look outside of the box and do things differently then everyone else

i often find myself laughing in the middle of a cold shower wondering what people would think if they knew i was freezing my a** of in the shower

but if you think about following the heard just makes you average and when we look back at history the people who were "weird" accomplished amazing things

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