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A Fat Kid At Heart

My name is Gino Montalvo and I'm 28 yrs old, recently married and expecting our first child in mid October 2011. I've struggled with weight loss for the large majority of my life. I can still remember being picked on in middle school but didn't have/know any way to make some life changes. It wasn't until after High School that I learned what I needed to go to lose the extra weight and start feeling better about myself and gain the confidence that I knew was there...underneath my belly. Over the last 3 years I have reached/came close to my goal weight of 185-195 but then slowly went back up...At my highest I've weighed anywhere between 240-250 ( When I weighed that much I was afraid to look at the scale) Now with the baby almost here I have started the SCD and I know its going to work for me. I found this website and so far have found nothing but great advice and tons of motivated people who I know I can check on and get "me" motivated.

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I understand across the board man. Pretty much the same thing for me - wanting to be in the 180s range, got there a few times, then shot right back up to the 200-230s constantly.

I'm not really big on diets because I tend to do really well then nosedive after I've finished them. SCD really peaked my interest because it seemed like something I could actually stick with for the long term. Half way though my first week and I'm doing pretty good - thanks again for the feedback by the way on my question.

Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family!


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I too am a fat kid at heart, if you're anything like me then you'll benefit from intermittant fasting and tracking your waist measurements everyday (chart it at for free)

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