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Member intro: 44 year old male with CFS

I'm a 44 year old male who's been diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'm 6' 5" tall and weigh about 265. I'd like to get down to about 225 or more specifically just get into size 34 pants. (42 now) Although, part of my incentive is just to be healthier. I want to live! My illness limits my ability to exercise, but I've been faithful now for about 40 days of walking 30 minutes every morning. So far I've lost 1 inch around my navel and about 7 lbs. I didn't measure anything but that when I started, but I have been able to move my belt another notch. I've noticed the most improvement in my face. I look much younger and healthier. Still, I was hoping for more progress at this point. It may be there but just in parts of my body that I'm not watching so much. The mid-section is often the last to go. I'm hoping I make more progress in weeks 4-6. I eat steak (top loin - much less expensive), Salmon, Chicken and a chili I make with ground beef, beans, Rotel, etc.


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Techfan --

I have rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. The extreme fatigue, weakness, pain and stiffness of RA present similar challenges to yours with your illness. In the 16 weeks I’ve been on this diet, I have lost 25 lbs (no exercise at all, no supplements). Since I’m 53 and female, it may have gone slower than others’ experiences, but I am VERY happy with this loss and expect it to continue.

But, much, much more than the weight loss is the impact it’s had on my symptoms. It has practically been miraculous. In the last couple of weeks, I have been able to leave my cane in the car instead of taking it into the office, and I no longer park in the handicapped spots.

Just 9 weeks ago, I bought a wheelchair when planning a trip. I didn’t want my limited mobility to interfere with my family’s sightseeing plans.

I am happy to report that I used that wheelchair ONCE and fully expect I am not going to need it anytime soon.

I cannot think of a more dramatic testimony for 4 HB.

Do everything you can to track, test and tweak, so that you will know just what works for you.

I wish you all the best, friend. Take care, and enjoy the journey!!! >:-(

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I struggle with CFS too, the worst part is the assumption that it's not real by people who don't have it. The awesome thing about this diet is that it gives me more energy, due to the protein in the morning and the slow-releasing carbs.

good luck!


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I had CFS for about 7 years, and I noticed the one thing that helped a lot was changing my diet. It happened by accident when I tried the Zone diet because I had put on weight from being too tired to exercise, and noticed I had a little more energy. Then I took it a step further and went low carb. The fewer carbs, the better I felt. If I had more than one or two days with lots of carbs, I started feeling like crap again. I have been lucky enough to go a number of years without CFS, so I can't speak to the effects of 4HB on your health, but I imagine it should improve your symptoms/energy level.

LoLo, I remember people not "believing" me. My own family and best friend eventually had trouble understanding when it went on for years. All the best to everyone with CFS, it's a major PITA!

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