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I've been trying to follow the 4HB diet now for a few months, but I am a terrible snacker and carb addict, and I end up cheating much more than cheat day. Then my cheat days are just one long insane carb binge. The first week I lost 9 pounds...this was back in July as I was preparing for my wedding. I put them back on after the second week and added another two on my honeymoon...during which I was in full binge mode every single day. I'm trying to get back on track completely so that I can lose 20 pounds at least. Hopefully being here will help me out!


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Make sure you eat a huge protein breakfast first thing in the morning. That's the number one way to battle cravings during the day.

Also consider some of the techniques in the book to help control your blood sugar levels...pagg, lemon juice, cinnamon see what works to help get rid of the urges.

Also seems you may need to reprogram your mind a little to overcome gravity. Your body is trying to keep you grounded. :)

  • laraste commented Aug 31st 2011:

    You are absolutely correct about that. My body, I think, and partly my mind, likes being a size 16. I'm a classic case of obesity in Appalachia, I've always medicated with food, and I've been through some major crap times in my life that I won't go into here--but they have been the cause of my binge eating, largely. I started dieting and exercising a few years ago, and I have kept that up, but my weight pretty much plateaued after the first year and a half, and I've been mostly stuck. I do the PAGG stack and cinnamon. I haven't tried the lemon juice yet, but I'm rereading to add more tricks. Thanks for adding me to your team, Justin! I think being on here will help me stick to this thing.

  • justin commented Sep 1st 2011:

    If you have PAGG. Don't need the lemon juice during the week--as it's technically cheating. :) There's an awesome graph about overcoming 'gravity' when starting a new habit. I wish I could find it---it shows the days where it's hardest etc. It's been helpful for me.

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I started 4HB with a really unhealthy attitude with food, I was eating paleo but would BINGE on a daily basis. If I ever eat something off of my diet I would take bingeing to the next level and eat as if there were not tomorrow.

I've got great results on 4HB, but more importantly, I have a much healthier attitude towards food, even on cheat day! It's made me a lot happier. And sexier too which is a plus ;)

One thing that made it easier for me and helped me get better results is to have 1/2 cup of beans or lentils at breakfast and lunch, and dinner if I want to. I was skeptical to try it since I eat low carb for so long, but it works!

  • laraste commented Aug 31st 2011:

    Thanks! I tend toward protein shakes in the morning, but I also do eggs and spinach when I have the time. I need to try harder to start with real food and add beans as well. Luckily, black beans, spinach and eggs is one of my favorite breakfasts, but I am a cook that hates taking short cuts. I need to find a way to make making breakfast faster, though.

  • justin commented Sep 1st 2011:

    What's in your shakes?

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