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Hello all!

Been reading this site for awhile. I've found a lot of great info and inspiration to keep me going on the SCD.

I started April 1 of this year. Started off at 215lbs and 167.5 total inches(left and right arms, belly, butt and left and right thighs). Yesterday I weighed in at 178.8lbs and 139 total inches. My target is around 160.

I have some before and current pictures I plan on posting.

Here is my issue, friends and family have been saying how great I look and what a great job I've been doing. And while I am proud of my progress I still see myself as fat. So I'm interested in how others have managed to lose the "fat eyes" as I have been calling it and see yourself for as you are now.

It's good to part of this community!


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"fat eyes" are one of the few "problem areas" that can be fixed with "spot reduction" creams. :-) just kidding

Maybe look at this: you can't fix a body you hate


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It's definitely a big psychological factor. I was never real big to begin with, but I still look at the remaining fat with disgust.

I like to remind myself how much less fat I am by comparing measurements and before/after pictures. It definitely helps and reassures you that you can continue to lose remaining fat if you keep it up.

So unfortunately, the slow carb diet won't fix your head, it'll certainly take you down the path to get enough compliments until you get a new perspective!

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