Feeling sick on slow carb diet

I've been following the slow carb diet for 2 weeks now and I start to feel sick every time I have to eat. It's the kind of sick you feel when you're about to eat something you dont want to, and the queasy feeling in my stomach persists even after I'm done.

I'm not used to eating this much protein and I was just wondering if this could be something like my body is rejecting the new way of eating is it my taste buds adjusting to the increased intake of beans/protein? Basically I wanna know if this is something transient or there's something wrong with me/what I'm doing and it might affect me health wise?

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I get that from eating cottage cheese and just thinking about eating vegetables :) Anyway I haven't heard too many stories of people being sick from too much protein, but it's common to feel a little sick when just starting out because your body is detoxing / withdrawing from carbs, just like with coffee. It's known as the 'Atkins Flu'.

Two weeks does seem like kind of a long time, but perhaps you're still experiencing the carb withdrawal symptoms (body aches, muscle cramps, headaches and nausea).

A few things to help with your symptoms:

1. Drink at least 1/2 -1 gallon of water every day

2. Get the blood circulation flowing by walking 30 minutes each day

3. Eat slow-carb snacks between meals when you feel a little hungry

4. Get extra sleep so your body can rest

5. Take a hot shower or bath.

You can also try adjusting the portions and proportions of your meals up/down a bit (more/less beans, more/less vegetables, more/less meat) and eating more unsaturated fats like avocados and flax seed oil. Slow-carb isn't supposed to be low-calorie, so make sure you're eating enough.

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Just started slow carb diet this week and feel flu-llike symptoms. I also am not a huge protein eater, so the shift to lots of meat, eggs, and beans sans fruit and grains is a real change on my body. How long does it last?

  • vitamind commented Feb 12th 2011:
    I hears some other people talk about the flu like symptoms as well and from what I know its because of the carb detox so it should pass. As for me my "sickness" feeling is now fully gone after 2 weeks so there is def. an adjustment period.

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