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Which flavor?


I'm about to buy some Optimum Nutrition Whey. But it's my first time and there are SO MANY flavors!

Anyone can suggest your fav? thank you very much!


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depends on your taste but I like the chocolate supreme myself.

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Are you deadset on Whey? I've got some ON 100% Gold Standard Casein and the vanilla is pretty good. The Supreme Chocolate is ok but I don't like chocolate to begin with so that's not exactly fair judgement (and it makes a mean protein fluff!)

  • odac25thka commented Sep 6th 2011:

    I'm still not sure. I think for a start, I'll stick with Whey. Thanks! When I buy the Casein, I'll buy vanilla! Do you mix it with other stuff or just the powder?


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If you want something really sweet, go with the cookies and cream.

My favorite is the chocolate. Tastes just fine with water.

Although as others have suggested, I would go with casein if you can. There's a big thread on whey protein and stalling.


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I'm also a fan of chocolate supreme. With regards to whey vs casein, I believe casein protein is a much slower acting protein. I would always use whey during the day and drink a casein shake before bed for blood amino acid production throughout the night.

I would suggest NOT getting the cookies and creme flavor as i could never get rid of powder chunks in the shake.

  • cvesper commented Sep 7th 2011:

    I have a blenderball cup, never really had a real problem with that


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If you have any tendencies to be lactose intolerant make sure you go for the ISOLATED whey.

Personally, I like to go plain. You can blend it in with anything and you won't have to worry about a chocolate spinach smoothie tasting disgusting (which, it will).

On it's own with water, it just tastes like a glass of skim milk.

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