Cottage Cheese?

Why can I eat cottage cheese? How about Greek Yogurt (plain) which also has high protein concentrate?


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Cottage cheese is low in lactose (milk sugar) and high in casein (fat-burning protein). Yogurt is high in lactose and lower in casein. There's a post about that over here:


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One cup of low-fat cottage cheese contains 28 grams of protein vs. an eight-ounce container of yogurt with only 12 g.

Yogurt has whey protein but cottage cheese has casein protein, the slow-digesting kind that will keeps your muscles anabolic (growing) between meals or overnight. It is also high in glutamine, which can increase growth hormone levels. As for yogurt, if you're under 15% body fat, you can eat it before workouts, but only if you stir a scoop of whey protein powder into it to bump up the protein to decent levels.


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I eat 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese mixed with 1/4 cup of sugar free jello after getting off work at 10:30 pm. Just enough to wipe out my starvation & the weight keeps coming off!


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I'm confused how cottage cheese is allowed, but Greek yogurt isn't. The 0% Fage has loads of protein, and less than 10g sugar. And the way Greek yogurt is produced drastically lowers how much lactose is present. Am I missing something?


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You are supposed to avoid all dairy products (except for butter) on non cheat days.


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It doesn't answer the question, but regarding cottage cheese....I LOVE IT. And since I don't eat beef, pork, or poultry, my protein choices are much narrower. One weekend, I bought a 5-lb tub of it at Sam's, and I had it for breakfast every morning, and maybe a dinner or two. At the end of that week, it was the first time I'd GAINED. I went up 1.5 lbs that week. So, for me at least, I really need to stick to the idea that it is sort of a last-resort protein and not something to have frequently. I know that it may be because of its sodium content, but I'm not going to be buying ANY more 5-lb tubs of cottage cheese. =\

  • Braini commented Aug 19th 2011:

    Also remember that Casein causes a immune response in many people. Far more people are casein-intolerant than lactose-intolerant, in fact.

  • Susan Oscar Susan Oscar commented Dec 7th 2011:

    gretchenlin, I feel your pain. I, too, love cottage cheese. We had it every day when I was a kid. I've tried getting a pint or two to spread over a week but have decided to abstain for awhile as my weight loss has stalled.

  • Danielle Waldo commented Sep 3rd 2012:

    Try cottage cheese with tomatoes, salt and pepper. I also made "Greek tsatsiki" which is usually made with yogurt, but I whizzed up some cottage chees and added the st of the ingredients. It was surprisingly good, my husband didn't know the difference. He wouldn't have eaten it!


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An even more interesting question is: HOW can I eat cottage cheese?

Seriously, I don't know how some bodybuilders down an entire tub every night before they go to sleep.

How and with what should you eat cottage cheese to make the experience remotely tolerable?

  • BabyDolphin commented Sep 26th 2011:

    I have gone through periods where I can't stand cottage cheese, and then 8 months later I don't mind it. For about 3 years, I couldn't even look at it. For now, I like it. Start off with 4% or "Creamed Cottage Cheese", and add some spices to it. If that's ok, then go to the 2% if you can.

  • Susan Oscar Susan Oscar commented Nov 14th 2011:

    Clover 2% cottage cheese has to be the best thing in the world. If you don't get a cottage cheese that is milky like Clover, it can be awful.

  • Danielle Waldo commented Sep 28th 2012:

    I add cinnamon to it, if I am running late in the morning. Or really hungry before going to bed. I also add cinnamon to almond butter, I can't eat it plain.


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But, how much cottage cheese we can eat? 1 time for week or more?


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I love cottage cheese and while Tim says its ok in the book, every time I go to the market the cottage cheese brands always have sugar in them (about 3-5g per serving container). Dont know if this is a natural sugar which comes from the cottage cheese itself or added by the company which makes it, I think I might have to re-read the label to make sure its not added sugar


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a semi related question,

how do you eat cottage cheese so it is eatable. because i find it flippin disgusting plain.

  • Akaardry Akaardry commented Aug 4th 2012:

    This may seem strange but I combine it with a can of albacore tuna. GREAT source of protein and it kinda balances out the "strong" tastes that each item has. Also, if you don't mind spice add a few dashes of tabasco or red pepper flakes.

  • Jeff Aw commented Sep 2nd 2012:

    I spread them on my omelette and cover them.

  • Patrick Collins commented Sep 28th 2012:

    Try sprinkling paprika over it, and a little olive oil. Sometimes its great to eat on a bit of rivita but not really best on diet

  • Anthony Schneider commented Feb 23rd 2013:

    I roll cottage cheese up in a turkey breast slice with fresh spinach, sea salt and chili powder...Yumski!!

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