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Member intro: Excited but super busy new dad

Hey everybody!

So just looking for advice, this forum seems really great. Thanks in advance..

I just read Tim's book on Friday and started getting going on SCD on Saturday because I really want to drop some pounds. I'm 37 and definitely have felt a metabolism change the last couple of years and am a new dad and have crazy busy job so have had much less time for exercise (used to play lots of basketball) in last year. I'm 6'2" and weighing in about 252 and would love to get back down to 200.

OK, some of my initial questions are:

- whats too much tomatoes/salsa and avocado on non-cheat days?

- I love eggs (and so does my 1-yr-old son) and eat local organic ones, if losing weight is big priority, how important is it to take out some of the yokes?

- How much organic local bacon is too much on no-cheat days?

- Any good suggestions where to buy nice but affordable kettle bells online?

- I'm ready to learn to love lentils, excited about red lentil hummus, curried lentils, etc. Is it important to not over do it on the bean intake?

- Any other good ideas for somebody just getting started on key things to do.

Thanks for your help!


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As for the kettle bell try building a T-Handle 1st as described in the book.

I'm glad I built it and still haven't bought a kettle bell yet.

I had to make some modificaitons to fit me better so keep your receipt.


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Hi James,

I just thought I'd share my kettlebell alternative. I use bags of cat litter! Each one weighs 10 kg and has a "handy" handle on the top. I currently use two so I'm only swinging 44lbs (20 kilos). The handles are a little tight so I'm working on a T bar contraption for when I work up to 30kg (66lbs)!


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You seem excited! Welcome to the site. I'll try to touch upon your questions in the order you asked them.

1. Too much would be more than one serving of avacado per day and as far as I know, salsa is less limiting. Try to not to go over 2-3 servings per day.

2. Studies show that keeping the yolks in actually doesn't negatively impact your cholesterol, and from what I've experienced, it doesn't negatively affect weight loss on the SCD.

3. Again, the majority of your meals should be greens and legumes. Fats and proteins should be consumed, but not in large quantities. Try leaner proteins with less fat, especially on the SCD. Too much would be anything more than a couple servings of that bacon. Try meats like chicken or turkey.

4. Check amazon. You can occasionally find nice workout equipment for reasonable prices there.

5. Don't quit until you've tried. Pull through for the first couple weeks, because after that everything becomes systematic. Just keep that in mind.


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