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getting started now 3 weeks and GAINING weight

I am going crazy.. everyone else is losing we are eating the same. .and I gained weight and inches.. this is nuts. I eat 3 times a day.. stay in the right stuff.. walk 30 mins each morning and work out at the gym 3-4 days a week.. any ideas?


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What exactly are you eating? please post.

Might also want to make sure that you aren't gaining, ummm.... Lady weight for that time o' month.

  • maryannryan commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    52 years old, lady time of month a thing of the past. eating to the letter .. protein shake in the am... mid morning.. hard boiled eggs and cut up vegs,,, lunch bean and veg chili with large green salad,

    dinner is usually fish and vegs.

    frankly i did better on weight watchers and ate everything in moderation. my brother had a boost from this diet so I thought I would give it a try,

    weight went up in three weeks measurements too...

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    How much do you have to lose, Mary? Maybe you are not getting enough protein since you are training for a half-marathon. Also, your brother is a guy, he will lose faster than you regardless of your monthly being gone. Perhaps added about 1/4 cup beans to your mid-morning meal. Are you drinking at least 3 liters of water a day? You could also be "overtraining" or doing too much cardio. Water retains in your legs if you run a lot, so, it could be that. Maybe easing up on workouts a bit....try to do weight training more vs. cardio. I understand you are doing a half-marathon, so, that may not be possible, but that's my advice.I'm 42 and while I am not as fit as yourself and probably have more to lose, I've lost 47.6 lbs so far in 20 weeks.

  • wombat commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    hmmm. from a few of your comments I'd agree with others- up your protein and reduce your workouts.

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Are you taking measurements?

You are not exactly following the SCD "to the letter": you're only doing 3 meals a day (should be 4), and Tim especifically states that overexercising is one of the most common mistakes for starters. You might be loosing fat and gaining muscle weight.

Start measuring yourself for more reliable information! Also, if you can, get you body fat measured.

  • maryannryan commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    my measurements have not changed. i eat 4 meals a day, vegs, beans, some meat and use protein shake in the am. I am training fir a half marathon running about 20-28 miles per week

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    You don't have to eat 4. I do well with 3, Miguel. It depends on the person. Some do 4 meals some do 3. :)

  • miguelur commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    Hey Akane - didn't know that. Where's that info coming from? I thought 4 well spaced meals a day were important.

  • yarnphreak commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    Miguel, I agree with akane about the 3 meals thing. I even went as far as consuming 7 mini-meals spaced evenly every 2 hours and that went nowhere and kept me hungry all day. It's much more satisfying for me to eat 3 solid (BIG) meals so I don't end up snacking (the diet downfall). Whatever works for the individual is what I say!


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If you're already active and ate fairly clean before starting the SCD, you will not experience the huge losses seen here. Isn't that true with all diets though? If "Obese person A" led a sedentary lifestyle and ate 5000 calories a day and suddenly dropped to 3500 or even 2500 calories while adding a little bit of light exercise, wouldn't he/she see massive losses?

Without seeing exactly what you eat or your measurements, I'm gonna assume you're fairly fit. (training for half marathon? wow) Your body is already used to the amount of heavy activity and probably will see results slowly unless you're cutting a heavy amount of calories.

I used to be a gymrat, working out 5x a week and running almost as much as you did and never lost a single pound. When I cut back on my workouts and focused a bit more on my eating the weight came off. (a modest 10 pounds but I was pretty thin to begin with)

The first month or so is a fluke (mostly water weight from the upped protein intake. Measurements will accordingly shrink or expand with water loss so that's not a very accurate measure of fat loss either) so just wait it out and see.


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I'm by no means a pro on this so here is my grain of salt.

- I think training for the marathon is really the factor causing weight to stay the same / gain. Especially since your measurements are stable.

- I read somewhere (From Tim) that for some reason, for the ladies, weeks 4-6 is when this diet causes a significant change. See if you can get through to there.

I've been on weight watchers with success before, so I know exactly where you're coming from. Good luck and try to stick to it another 3 weeks if you can.

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