is stevia allowed?

Is stevia allowed on the slow-carb diet? I am having a hard time going to black coffee with just cinnamon.


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It looks like it actually does have an effect. I was losing an average of a 1.25 lbs a day for almost a week an a half until I started adding truvia to my iced tea. It wasn't a lot; maybe 2-3 tbsp. each day. However, for those three days my weight loss dropped to about .5 lbs a day. As soon as I cut it out, I went right back up to 1.25 lbs.

  • Pixelpusher commented Apr 26th 2011:
    Very interesting. Thanks for experimenting. I've been adding a few drops of Lemon Drop Stevia to my lemon-juiced water to make more of a lemonade effect... Maybe not such a good plan after all!

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I have the audio book so it would be really hard to find the blurb I heard, but I thought Tim said that if you absolutely HAD to, a little stevia would be ok but he just used the cinnamon. I've only listened to the audio book once so far so may be wrong, but I remember that passage because the guy reading the book said stevia in such an interesting way!


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In the Slow-carb II section of the book it says "For salad dressing, a few drops of a nonsugar sweetener like stevia mixed with vinegar and mustard will give you a dressing to satisfy any sweet tooth.", but then in a recent blog post Tim says to avoid all sweeteners including Stevia. I noticed this discrepancy with a few other foods items including yogurt, corn, and cheese. I guess I'd say to go with the most recent advice, which is to avoid it.


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I hate to tell you, but I've heard there are studies showing that Stevia DOES prompt an insulin response. Along with pretty much all other artificial sweeteners, and regular sweeteners. I don't know how much this might affect you, but if you can, try to leave it out - try gradually reducing the amount you put in your coffee each day until you're down to none. Its not that bad.


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I know it is not exactly protocol but I had the same issue, as I used to make myself a mocha w/cocoa & agave nectar every morning pre-4HB. I now use 5 drops of liquid stevia w/vanilla in a big mug along with a tsp. of cream and a tsp. of cinnamon. This tiny bit works for me, but if I hit a plateau, I may eliminate it. I always use good quality coffee that has been roasted no more than about a week. I grind it w/a good quality grinder just before I make it. If you grind your coffee, be sure to clean your grinder. I think it's better to experiment a bit with what works for you rather giving up on the diet or simply not enjoying your coffee. I'm in the Pacific NW where there are plenty of freshly roasted coffee beans (& sometimes my husband roasts them!).

  • likwidtek commented Jun 29th 2011:

    You just tickled my coffee geek. :D

  • Charley commented Mar 1st 2012:

    One big theme about this diet for me is to get rid of the addiction to sweet milky coffee. I wouldnt help myself to keep up this habit with stevia & cream. I'd fall back to my old habit very soon, it's a major reason why I gain weight even if I do FDH (Friss Die Hälfte, eat only half of everything).

    So I play around with coffee preparation. If it tastes terribble, take half the amount of coffee powder for your next cup. At the moment my coffee has the colour of very strong black tea, not black.


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The biggest question would be does it provoke increased insulin release?

Most research I saw online says it does not and actually helps. If you do use it--use it in moderation test your results with and without it. read page 98 on sweeteners.

You probably don't need it. :)


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i'm scared now...

i was looking at my protein whey isolate thing (this stuff: http://www.feelgoodnatural.com/health-food/Whey-Protein-from-New-Ze... )

and it lists stevia though it does list 0 g sugars.

i'm taking this every morning as my early morning high protein (31 g) shake.


i really dont want to go back to eating a tin of salmon in the morning (all the tabasco in the world doesnt make it any better...)


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Have you tried buying better coffee? It made the difference for me.

Bad coffee definitely needs sugar, but quality coffee seems fine without it.

  • Rom commented Apr 11th 2013:

    I agree with you 100%, I buy Starbucks and i need to fill the cup with sugar and milk. If I buy joes, it's perfect black.. Also using a chemex or some other similar pour over coffee maker will make the coffee smoother. Also, pick a coffee that's less acidic (nothing made by Starbucks).


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The latest update is that all artificial sweetners are a nono

not sure what this means for my coke zero addiction

but if you're having trouble with your coffee go almond milk

just check the nutritional tag first because all the brands vary

almonds are naturally sweet and this will provide you with a source of calcium

  • Canadian commented Apr 15th 2013:

    Hey Tillyander, what did you mean by the latest update? Is that a blog post, or an update the book, etc.

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