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About 50 pounds to go.

I was way up at one point, following some reconstructive knee surgeries and a lack of a proper diet. It turns out going from active and eating like crap to a couch potato and eating like crap is a bad combo!

From my high point of about 293 I worked down on a low-calorie diet to the 240s... then continued to get down until I was at my recent low in the low 220s around Sep. 2010. Since then it was a struggle to keep the weight off for me, and my second job as a beer writer did not help.

I stumbled upon this Slow-Carb Diet, and it really seems to be the ticket for me, but I'm still learning a lot about it. I was at around 257 when I started and so far I like this diet a lot. The pros: I can drink beers one day per week and review and write about them shamelessly. The cons: I fucking hate beans. Or so I thought... I've learned to love lentils but am still struggling with other beans.

I'm only on week 2, but I think I can stick with this and continue towards my ultimate goal of getting below 200.

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I am in almost the same boat as you, like beer hate most vegetables.

I also am currently at 257. I started at 278 July 1st.

A couple things to be weary of:

There are a ton of foods that are not on the approved foods list that are really easy to - "Just a tiny little bit of bbq sauce or corn can't hurt" For me, those are the things that stalled progress.

On this diet if you start a new workout, eat canned food or a lethal water retention combo of the two - you will gain weight. Make sure because of the increase of fiber and the carb loading cheat days you up your water intake to a gallon a day if you can.

Good luck man, I have the same exact goal - 257 trying to get to under 200. Stay strong

  • kurtzies commented Aug 24th 2011:

    as far as the water intake thing goes - if you are like me and have a high sodium high fiber diet I need over a gallon a day to make my pee clear. Adapt to fit you but drink a ton of water. (don't die from water poisoning or I will feel like shit.)

  • ericthirdrow commented Aug 24th 2011:

    Have you gotten into lentils yet? They don't bother me at all, so now I'm eating a serving of them at at least two meals per day. A little hot sauce and they are even tasty. I've been pretty good about avoiding the cheat foods, except cheese which I was confused about until yesterday. My bigger problem is not getting enough veggies in.

    As for water I try to get a gallon in... I'm 40 oz. down today and generally drink a good bit of water. Sometimes with a little crystal light just for a little bit of flavor, usually just straight Baton Rouge tap water, which is pretty good.

    Good luck to you too! It's definitely an attainable goal.

  • kurtzies commented Aug 24th 2011:

    Thanks, I don't think I have ever eaten lintels. To be honest I have no Idea what the difference between those and beans are.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Aug 24th 2011:

    Yes, try lentils Kurtzies! But the standard army-green ones you'll see often are not the greatest. I much prefer yellow or red lentils, red being the mildest. Red ones turn yellow-orange when cooked. Lentils need no soaking. Bring a pot of water to a boil (maybe 3 c water for 1 c lentils). Rinse the lentils very well & dump them into the boiling water. Use a roomy pot so it doesn't boil over.Let them boil gently for maybe 10 min (take a few out and squish them to see if they're soft/chewable yet). Drain the water off, add salt or butter (I love both; like grits!) or hot sauce or whatever. Red, yellow, and other types of lentils can be found at Indian groceries. I love cooked red lentils mashed with butter, salt and heavy cream; very much like mashed potatoes!

  • kurtzies commented Aug 25th 2011:

    thanks! i will give it a try!

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