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Back in the saddle again!

Feel free to sing that title, It's probably going to be in my head the rest of the day!

After a long undisciplined hiatus I'm officially back on SCD--for REAL this time, no "just a nibble/spoonful/morsel"

I'm a 26 year old female, 5' 5", today's weight 133.8 (yeah--I'm that anal!), last body fat was 25%. I'm super excited to be starting the diet full force again--and trust me, the idea of the massive pizza feast I'll be embarking on this Saturday is helping me pull through the week--If I cheat, just ONCE, just one bite--No pizza for me!

I'm very grateful for this site--it's so nice to have all of you offering support and advice! D-=


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You go girl!

We all get that temptations to cheat from time to time, but you gotta resist it by having compelling enough reasons. Also, I think tracking and reviewing your progress helps immensly...

Undoubtfully, there's gonna be moments when you're going to question how much would a 'little bite' hurt your diet... Especially if you're living with 24/7 pizza eating folks, like me.

However, I wouldn't use the 'saturday pizza' for motivation to stick to your diet, it will only make you think about crap food more.

Instead, focus on creating conscious habits and behavior patterns which will further strengthen your commitment to the diet (i.e. daily 15minute jogs, breathing, relaxation techniques, etc.) Anything that benefits your body, will do.

I call this stacking. If you can find 4-5 daily habits that improve your physical/mental state, it is going to build a huge momentum and you're much less likely to cheat on any of them, because they pull on one another.

This has worked for me when I decided to quit smoking cigarettes. Instead of just making a decision to stop smoking cigarettes, I have also made these 'back-up' decisions to start eating healthy, exercise and make daily improvements in my life. You think I'd light up a cigarette after a green lunch and half an hour of jogging? It's much less likely to happen, than if I had eaten a hamburger with french fries and watched TV all day. ;)

Best of Luck!


  • KendraLynne commented Aug 26th 2011:

    No progress at all this week :( Instead--I gained about 1.5 lbs since Monday, despite working out every day and sticking to the diet 99.9%. . .I'm attributing the weight gain to the shredded parmesean I've been putting in my food--I guess it's OK for some to have in moderation, but not me, and snacking on baby carrots. But I'm not giving up!!! I've got a great grocery list and meals mapped out for this week--everything has been approved through www.eslowcarbdiet.com. Hopefully next week will be more successful!! (Minus parmesean. Minus carrots)

    Thanks for your help!

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