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Having a rough time sticking to the SCD?

This is my second time around, the first time seemed like cake compared to this time. I have tried over and over and can't seem to stick to it for very long. It's very discouraging, I know it's ultimately up to ME to make the change....but for people who have struggled then eventually stuck to it, what made the difference??

Any advice would be helpful :)


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I was doing the SCD for a week fews and cheating a little here and there all the time and was realizing how stupid it was for me to be restricting myself and worrying about a diet if I was still eating random stuff, and not seeing results because of it. I don't have much weight to lose so I can't get away with kind of doing the diet.

My choices would have been go to eating whatever I want, (fat city)! Or actually give the SCD an honest go. I obviously chose the latter and I've had 2 weeks of really solid sticking to it. I'm seeing much better results now and kick myself for not trying this hard earlier.

Idk if you're this way as well, but I'm an all or nothing person. Having a score of no cheats all week (until cheat day of course) really helps me stick to not even having a bite of offending foods, whereas cheating even a little makes me feel guilty and in a "fuck it" mood, which could include eating more random bad stuff bc I messed up already!

Not cheating also makes cheat day sooooo much more awesome. I do mine on Sunday, and by Saturday night I'm like a kid who's going to Disneyland in the morning mixed with a starving lion charging its cage trying to get a baby goat or some shit.

Don't overwhelm yourself with huge goals. Give yourself the goal of sticking to the diet super hardcore for one week, until cheat day. Just one week. Make sure you're taking measurements and pictures if you're not already. Although you'll probably will get good results from a strict week, the point is moreso to show yourself that you CAN be strict and that it is NOT impossible to stick to the diet. And knowing that you can will help you do it for another week, again, and again, and again. :)

  • Vtine311 commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Girl, you nailed it on the head....I'm an all or nothing woman! So when I went to lunch on friday and wasn't able to get sushi rolls without rice I was like forget it....I'll just start a little early with the cheating. Here I am monday feeling very fluffy and heavy, whereas on friday (before eating sushi) I felt great and lighter already! I think you are right, I MUST take before pictures! That is what prompt me last time to really stick to it! My mentality is not right, because I think I can mess up over and over because I know how to lose the weight and get results....it's not a mystery to me...ya know....which I think is part of what keeps people going, the challenge and the curiousity!

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    This isn't so much a diet than a lifestyle change. And yes a good part of it is mental. If you aren't full, hard-core, driven, on SCD and have bad foods in the house, get tempted and take a little bite, get guilty and cheat more after that. It's like the domino effect. Know your triggers....know what makes you want to cheat midweek and stay away from those triggers as best you can. I find what helps is get a small (or big) dry erase calendar board.

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Write down weekly goals! And actually X out each day as you complete it! Keep the calendar in a really visual place where you will see it often. You can do it! Don't think about "oh I am gonna fail this week!" think "I am going to succeed this week, darnit! I will make it to Cheat Day and be proud of how strong I was this week! You really gotta do it week to week...before you know it, it'll be 18 weeks and you'll have lost 45.2 lbs and 28.5 inches. ^_^ Like me! :)

  • Vtine311 commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Thank you! You are right! I am going to start with taking pictures tonight!

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Beans made the difference for me, eating lots of meat and beans makes me so full I have no carb impulses. That and I track my waist inches on dailyburn.com and WUV my graph too much to compromise my progress

  • KarmicDebT commented Jan 3rd 2012:

    I agree with you. If I use legumes to get at least 1/3 of my protein requirements in, I feel full and never even think of cheating. At least, that was true up until New Years Eve, when I quit smoking. Now, of course, I am having "snacking urges" whenever I crave a cigarette and one isn't forthcoming. :P

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