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Kettleball swings and squat thrust.

I want to bring this into my plan. I bought a 20 lb kettleball. How do you count them? Is it by how many swings you do or by mins? How long should I do it? Or how many sets? Should I do it 2 or 3 times a week?


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Swings try to aim for 75 reps (this can be increased once it becomes easier) in one set... start off with splitting it into reps of whatever you can achieve, you will improve. I'd say do it 3 times per week dependent upon your other training regimes. It only takes a few minutes anyway.

Squat thrusts id say similar to that above.

Remember, your body will get conditioned to this and i say mix it up continuously... this is my take but i do a lot of exercise and have been doing it for years. I never do the same workout in the same week and try something different every week. If you have just started out then this workout will do you for a few weeks.

I would recommended the challenges on this forum... very good and keeps your body guessing.

  • Mary Ellen Hannah commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Thanks. I did 75 kettleball swings and 50 squat thrusts. Ugh. Would like to work up to 100 and 75. I also row 3 days a week so that should keep it mixed up.

  • mtmcgill commented Aug 24th 2011:

    With the rowing you can change times, intensity, durations, do HIIT etc... this will keep your body guessing!

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Here's a swing and squat thrust workout I posted a while back.


  • Mary Ellen Hannah commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Thanks Kath, I did see that and watched the Video. It should be interesting to see the results!

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