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Guilt-Free Cheat Day

Like many people on here, I am sure after seeing such progress over a week without diet flaws it is hard to bring myself to eat foods that I know are not to protocol. However, this week I made sure to be very strict with what I ate so that I could enjoy myself on my cheat day and let me say, it was marvelous.

To be honest, my cheat day is not the typical cheat day. It is more of a carb-loading with very little fats because honestly, I just don't crave fast food n cupcakes. Today consisted of me going nuts on cereal (had to get my weeks worth), for that is what I absolutely miss the most!! oh and milk too =)

To my surprise, I have very little guilt for what I have eaten today because I know I earned it and deserve to treat myself. Personally, I have been through the war with my eating habits because I am not normal in the sense that I can just have one cookie or one biscuit, I must binge until I am so uncomfortable n feel like poo. After today, I am hoping I have turned a page and I can be more in control of my cravings.

Ready to take on the next week! Let's Go SLOW-CARBERS! :)


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It's very freeing, isn't it?! I'm 14 wks in, 24 lbs off, and am fascinated by both the physical aspects of cheat days (some foods really make me feel awful!!!--foods I used to eat DAILY!) and the psychological aspects of cheat days. In fact, I renamed them and I call them Anything Days. It's not cheating, since it's a mandatory part of the program, is my logic, and I have had more than my fill of guilt associated with eating, in all my 53 years. Do as Tim encourages us: track, test, and tweak, to see how Anything Days and everything else affect the body YOU are in! :-D

  • alwayzhungry commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Wow, I love that quote, "track, test and tweak" That's Awesome! Thank you so much, I will be spreading that piece of advice =]]

    And it is very freeing! The mental aspect of changing the idea of food as more of a nourishment instead of a pleasure is a challenge, however, food is apart of every culture so it is great that this lifestyle allows you a day to still enjoy "cooking for the soul"


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I can't seem to have a guilt free cheat day. My weight is really high on mon-thursday. By friday morning all the cheat day weight just falls off (8lbs from one thursday night to friday morning)

It's good that I am losing weight but it's hard to not feel bad on cheat day because I only have one day a week to actually enjoy being at a lower weight until cheat day ruins it, it's a vicious cycle of lose 6, gain 5, lose 7, gain 6 - it starts to mess with my head and eventually I seem to be losing momentum.

  • JJJ commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    It's not a vicious cycle if you're losing each week. Perhaps a little of two steps forward one step back, but you're walking forward nonetheless!

  • kurtzies commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    thanks, I do get it but that one step back is quite hard to deal with all week. I have been reading up a bit on skipping cheat days or cheat meals... any opinions on either?

    My biggest fear is turning this into just another diet that I couldn't stick to.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Kurtzies, are you keeping track of your weight day to day, week to week? I have been, and I know that if I had not been doing that, the post-cheat day increases would have scared the bejeebers out of me and discouraged me too much -- possibly to the point of quitting. But, the fluctuations actually have fascinated me! I have been able to see that, OVERALL, there is a definite downward trend. An avg of 1.71 lbs per week now, for me. That's the bottom line, isn't it??! It's all downward when you take a step back to look. (And, not to sound unsympathetic, but try being a pre-menopausal female and facing the more frequent upward spikes!) ;)

  • Gretchen Linden commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Also -- if the numbers on the scale actually do dictate how you feel, maybe you shouldn't weigh often. It depends on what lifts your spirits, brings them down, or doesn't mess with them. Have you ever seen the cartoon of the two little girls standing and looking at a scale? One says to the other, "Don't step on that. It makes you cry." If the blasted thing bums you out, dodge it!

  • kurtzies commented Aug 23rd 2011:

    Thank you all for the feedback. I may have to make the effort to avoid the scale saturday through thursday. I think this cheat day I am going to try a cheat day "lite" meaning that instead of all the horrible food I normally eat, I am going to try healthier "cheat" options. (low fat, whole grain, fruits)

    I will report back. Thanks again.

  • TenaciousMe commented Nov 11th 2011:

    Is it possible to eat back all of the calories (3,500) needed to lose a lb on cheat day? This is what I struggle with. I know it takes a cut of 3,500 calories to lose one pound... in theory you could binge up to 7,000 calories and there goes your progress.

    I really love cheat day. It stops me from cheating during the week. I mean if I see something I want, I know I only have to wait a couple days and I can have it. It makes it so much easier to eat the stricter diet the other 6 days of the week.

    Any logic/opinions/to point out that I've missed on this?

  • 4hbwoman commented Dec 8th 2011:

    @ kurtzies - don't weigh yourself until your next cheat day - then you only see the consistent loss and feel good all week.

    @TenaciousMe - it is possible but for whatever reason it won't happen on this diet. I don't question what works and it seemingly works

  • ohnonotcrystal commented Feb 12th 2012:

    @tenaciousme - the book talks a lot about how 'calories in, calories out' is not such a finite thing. I believe one of the things he talks about is that your body can only convert so much into fat in so little time -- you can eat 7,000 calories but your body can't make 2 lb of fat before the food leaves your system. This diet is also designed to amp up your metabolism, so your resting metabolic rate is better, meaning you burn more calories doing nothing.

  • alwayzhungry commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    test, track and tweak. you wont know unless you give it a try...


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i totally agree i call it my indulgence day instead!

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