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What is your workout?

Hey all,

I thought it would be interesting to see different peoples routines and what they wish to achieve from it. May be helpful for others to see what they can try or just things to add to spice up their workouts. Mine at the minute....

23y/o Male. 171lb BF% - 19ish


Kettlebell swings - 75 reps 20kg

Pull Ups - as many sets as possible until i get to 30

Incline press up - same as above to 200 reps.

Hanging Dips - up to 30

Myotatic Crunch - 3 sets of 12

Prone cobra - 3x30sec

Then lock offs, deadhang's and planks.


Effortless superhuman Deadlifts and Benchpress with weighted pull ups and core workout.

Friday: Same as day one except for the dips which become skull crushers and different exercises for the back.

As you can see I'm in an endurance phase thus the higher reps. I know it doesn't conform to the MED principle but this is sport specific training aswell.

Looking forward to seeing other peoples workouts! :-)


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20 y/o female, 5'3" 130ish lbs, 20%ish bf. jus started doing 4hb about 3 weeks ago, switched after doing paleo/crossfit for a year. crossfit is a creepy, expensive cult get out while you can!

For the perfect posterior exercises I use a 35 lb kettlebell and go full overhead on the swings, and also go knee to elbow on the flying dogs. Yoga is various styles, depends on the teacher. You don't need to do this much I just love yoga and it's free through my co-op. I also walk or bike to school and for most of my shopping if possible.

M: Perfect Posterior, Kiwi A, 6 min abs, 1.5 hours yoga

T: 1.5 hours yoga

W: Perfect Posterior, 1.5 hours yoga (sometimes!)

R: 1.5 hours yoga

F: Perfect Posterior, 6 min abs, Kiwi B

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 21st 2011:

    Updated mine with my stats. Cross fits creepy? In what way? Oh and I have just started yoga.... painful.

  • JJJ commented Aug 21st 2011:

    It's very brainwashy and people take it as a religion, and it's very elitist and costs a lot of money. It's also easy to get hurt because you're encouraged to perform exercises with high weight that you don't know the first thing about. And it's totally male-centered. That's just my opinion though.

    Yoga is awesome though! It will get better and it will help you with climbing and all other exercise stuff.

  • JJJ commented Aug 21st 2011:

    It helped me a lot with my hip flexors; I was almost unable to do squats before I started.

  • JJJ commented Aug 21st 2011:

    I agree lexidogon. I love some things about it crossfit, but I realized that I was spending too much money and not really getting the body I wanted. I felt sort of fuscular (fat+muscular hehe) and wanted to focus more on dropping fat. And the coach had us do way to much oly lifting at the expense of everything else. I'll probably reintroduce some heavy lifting and xfit workouts once I get out of the leaning out phase and am able to focus on building more muscle. Although, after a year of that shit 3x a week, I already have a good amount =P

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 21st 2011:

    i love crossfit.. i get what you say about elitist... it is super expensive.. sad that i had to shell out 160 bucks for a month of unlimited workouts there... way more than unlimited yoga/hot yoga ( i do that too and LOVE it!) but i really am a crossfit fan. i am competitive, and I love seeing the strength gains and muscle tone in my legs is WAY better than when i was spinning !

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 21st 2011:

    i love lifting and love doing sprints and k bell swings, so crossfit is fun for me... and the satisfaction of finishing a wod in the best time you possibly can or most reps possible is a great feeling


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I'm a yoga person. I do power vinyasa in a heated studio 6 days a week, with classes that vary between an hour and an hour and a half.

Beyond that, I just added kettlebell swings this week. Today was my first go at them. I'm planning on these two days a week, just to see what happens.

I also do sporadic swim, bike and run workouts...because I'm a lazy/unmotivated triathlete. These don't happen with any kind of consistency. =(


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I basically mix all my workouts up... last Friday i cycled to work in the morning about 25miles in 1hr 15mins... gym at lunch and made this workout up (heavy lifts with KB circuit)

No rest between circuits i.e. do 5 military presses, 20KB swings and rest 30-60seconds until you complete the 5 sets.

A1) Military Press (45kgs) 5x5

A2) Alternating KB swing (20kg) 10ES x 5

B1) Bent Over rows (37.5kg) 5x5

B2) KB Figure of 8 (20kg) 20

C1) Dumbell Bench press (35kg) 5x5

C2) KB High pull (18kg) 10ES

Then cycled home... that was hard!!!ha! Glad it was Friday!

Ive put some other workouts up on other posts... take a look at those.

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    A good intense workout. 5x5 is that G2F? Thanks for the post!

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 23rd 2011:

    Looks like fun. Cant wait till winter to try G2F and other variations for 2 months!

  • mtmcgill commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    It was pretty intense...i have better ones!!

    its 5 sets of 5 reps each so you can lift as heavy as possibly, but with the circuit you keep a good heart rate up... I just make these work outs up myself... did one today which was OK for abs...

    A1 Roll outs 3x10

    A2 KB 2 hand swing 3x25

    B1 Leg L Raises 3x5

    B2 KB Windmills 10 ES

    C1 Myotatic Crunch 3x10

    C2 High Pulls 10ES

    Cat vomits to finish...


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tinesnloaf ... it's funny because i am almost EXACTLY the same body as you.lol. i am 5'3.5" ( haha ALMOST 5'4") ...and 130ish lbs. ( started at 134...LOWEST was 127...but i waiver between 129/130 now ughhh..scale doesn't move!!!) anyhow...ya, dropping the b.f. is my goal as well... i am higher BF than you- but anyway, in the mid-20's BF%.... i understand what you mean by "fuscular" lol.. i have muscular arms but a layer of fat makes them look bigger :( ( my mother constantly says " your arms are too big..blah blah.. why do you lift weights?" to which i reply.. it's not the lifting weights, it's the fat i still have that makes them look bigger than they are!!!) .. anyhow - i love the HIIT that goes with x fit - today we're going to be doig lots of sprints n burpies... - but of course before the wod we have a squat strength exercise today...anyhow, i believe with crossfit you CAN get a lean physique..it doesn't have to be bulky - as women our testosterone levels aren't high enough to get "big" for the most part. I think switching it up is important. (on top of xfit, i run, do a power yoga 1-2 times a week, and p90x 1-2 times a week - or just lift weights if not p90x) but i STRUGGLE to lower that BF % .... i feel stuck!

  • JJJ commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    I notice most (19/20) of the women at my box are NOT lean. I feel like xfit helps you build muscle, but since it's so intense, really increases your hunger and compensatory eating, like "I just did Murph I can go for pizza!" Yes, it was a brutal workout; no, it doesn't mean you can eat anything you want without it showing up on your ass/abs/arms/wherever!

    The "bulking" thing is misunderstood as you said, it's not huge muscle, it's the larger muscle PLUS the existing fat. Same fat+more muscle=bulkier, simple mathematics.

    I really struggle with the bf% too...for me though honestly it was the eating. I was doing lactopaleo and eating way too much cheese, and way too much in general.

  • JJJ commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    but how are you doing with this eating plan? How long have you been doing it and how are your results? Also how strict are you on it, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    i have been on SCD since the end of March... it's tough when you have been on it a few months and the results are VERY slow and not very OBVIOUS as with larger people, if you know what I mean. I do NOT compensatory eat as typical crossfitters can sometimes do ( i hear it too!! oh i can eat the ice cream because i am doing crossfit tomorrow!)

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    the key with crossfit i think is the paleo diet ( or in our case SCD) because you really aren't burning tons of carbs ( glycogen) with tons of cardio, as you do in say a 60 minute spin class, a 60 minute kickbox class etc... with crossfit it is the EPOC that matters too ( from this type of short intense work your post exercise oxygen consumption {EPOC} aka cals burned post exercise are higher and metabolism is higher vs. typical longer sessions of non-HIIT

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    so ya- my typical day = 1-2 eggs, some egg whites ( from the carton..i don't measure- usually 1/4-1/ cup total) ... about a cup of spinach sauteed, lentils or beans...if no lentils or beans than 2 strips turkey or chicken bacon..usually 1-2 tbsp quac or 1/4 an avocado, HOT SAUCE! mmm..... i LOVE b fast the most

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    lunch = chicken or tuna with salad, usually 1-2 tbsp hummus, sometimes lentils, sometimes no legumes at all ( i don't rely on the beans or lentils... i keep hearing that omitting them works for a lot of ppl!) snacks are baby carrots and hummus, or a tbsp. almond butter or p.b. .... or a handful -small-of nuts

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    dinner is some time of protein (steak, chicken, tilapia, salmon...always change it up) and veg ...typical scd ....

    other notes:

    - i DO have coffee EVERY morning with a bit of almond milk, sometimes 1 stevia packet, sometimes nothing... i have sugar free popsicles ( my dad is on south beach and eats these, low fat milk, and cheese, and laughing cow EVERY day so these things are all in my house - i do not have them) ...

    - i am taking PAGG ( which i want to stop bc 1- it is $$$ and 2- i think it causes BAD breath or some bad smell (ahem...garlic!!!!!) but i feel like pagg does work

  • Lexi dogon commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    - i limit protein shakes as much as poss. occasionally have them

    - i HAVE been 'cheating' with a few berries here and there, a piece of a peach or a few cherries..

    - i have the occasional cottage cheese or greek yogurt.. i miss these SOOOOO much!!!

    - i love my almond butter and pb and do not want to give those up!!! :(

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