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Tomorrow is cheat day :)

What are you all looking forward to eating on your cheat day?

My list includes:

Sweet Tomatoes (where I can PIG out ; ) )


-Corn muffins

-Ice cream

Jimmy Johns


Lara Bars

Bisquits and gravy

Oh yeah did I mention ice cream :)


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Bloomin' Onion & dip at Outback, potato chips & dip, tortilla chips & cheese and who knows what else?! (PS...can you tell I love the salty-fatty things??! LOL) Have fun and may you have a mild hangover afterward, if any. :-D


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Today was my cheat day.....I am currently drinking a pina colada that my husband made with an xtra shot of Jamaican Rum (Appleton).....yum! I had banana's (plural), chocolate chip cookies, slice of cheese pizza (dipped in ranch drsg), some onion rings, seafood mac n cheese from AleHouse Rest., that is all I can take....STUFFED! This was my first cheat day....my 1st week consisted of a 6 lb weight loss and 6 1/2 inches gone......excited about that BUT very nervous how today will effect next week........time will tell :-)


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Kfc. Baguette. mars bar. lasagne. maybe cheesecake.

Mmmm :D


  • mushin3212 commented Aug 21st 2011:

    Im not gunna eat as much sugary crap mext time. Eurgh.


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I do mine on Sunday but here are my goals:

-bacon waffles or pancakes with a shit ton of pastured butter, real syrup and bananas

-making a peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream

-raw milk =9

-cereal bowl of strawberries and raw cream

-lunch at dutch place, followed by getting everything in their dessert case

-huge cheesssse platter with fruits nuts and jams and a hot baguette

-a lot of wine (2 glasses? 2 bottles bitch!)

-a delirium nocturnum beer

-various truffles

-random in season fruits

I usually start out with a lot of momentum and end up not being able to sustain it after the first few things but I still believe in myself!

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 20th 2011:

    I wish I could get reliable raw milk over here :(

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 20th 2011:

    Haha, unfortunately the nearest opportunity is tomorrow :D AND IT'S NOT CHEAT DAY!!!! :(


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Remember damage control....You'll love it but what I found out was that I felt extremely full and sorta fat!! Don't have the cheat food in your home after you're finished with the cheat day..ENJOY


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Sushi! And lots of it. I'm hitting a sushi buffet for lunch tomorrow after my late morning Power Vinyasa Yoga class.

I'll follow that with either a movie and some popcorn, or a walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park and a gluten-free brownie with salted caramel ice cream on top.

Once evening rolls there will either be a big plate of nachos with plenty of cheese sauce or some chili cheese fries. If there's any room for eating after that, I may have some gluten-free ginger snaps with sweetened cream cheese to end my cheat day.

  • ultraviolet commented Aug 20th 2011:

    update: Hit up a conveyor belt sushi joint instead. Ate many, many things. It was awesome. Ended up following that up with a visit to a record store that's closing up shop--where I bought many musical treats--and some Earl Grey ice cream from a local shop. (BTW, cheat day can get pricey when you eat all of your treats at restaurants.)

  • ultraviolet commented Aug 21st 2011:

    another update: Decided that I was done being out and about, so I stopped by the grocery store and bought a frozen gluten-free pizza (to which I added pepperoni, mushrooms and extra cheese) and a slice of gluten-free cheesecake. The pizza is mostly gone...still deciding on whether or not the cheesecake will be eaten.

  • Vtine311 commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    OH MY! You guys are making me HUNGRY!


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My cheat day was yesterday. My bf and I got a dessert from Cheesecake Factory, The Chocolate Truffle Tower cake. I told my bf "I WILL EAT IT ALL!" I was on chocolate overload by the halfway point and had to stop. but it was DEEELLLIIISSSHHH!

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    "I WILL EAT IT ALL!" Haha awesome!


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Hmm... this week, something from here .. probably one of those junkyard plates, and maybe a dog or two on the side. Depends how long the girlfriend takes to eat :)

On top of that will likely be some Guinness and assorted snacks/junk food.

This is my goal for one of my upcoming cheat days. I have attempted it before without success, but it is still damn delicious! Been pushing my IF limits lately to condense my daily eating into one large meal, so this would definitely fit the bill. My estimates say it is around 4500 calories though, so that might be out of my possible range.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Aug 20th 2011:

    Tea -- *le sigh*....I fondly remember a Friction Hero of my own, back in the late 70's.... ;) LMAO! (Sorry; I just couldn't resist!)

  • s joshua commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    Hahaha, I keep product handy to prevent any friction hero disasters ;)

  • Gretchen Linden commented Aug 22nd 2011:

    LOLOL!! Good one, s joshua!

  • TeaLove commented Aug 20th 2011:

    HOLY CRAP DUDE! You are my frickin' hero!

  • TeaLove commented Aug 20th 2011:

    Lol! OT but my auto correct changed that to 'my Friction hero' ...I nearly died laughing.

  • TeaLove commented Aug 20th 2011:



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Kashi Go Lean cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chocolate...ummmm some chocolate and ahhhh hmmm *taps chin while deep in thought*...

Maybe some chocolate?


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Ice Cream



Indian Food

And, whatever else comes my way or is offered to me at the dance festival tomorrow! Bring it!


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