I was wondering if anybody knows if popcorn is allowed....i know that people eat the regular yellow corn with a meal, but what about air-popped popcorn?? Even in it's vegetable state it is allowed, but I don't get it...I thought corn was a very starchy vegetable and easily converted into sugar??


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Corn is not really allowed, it's a moderation food.

From Tims Blog:


Corn — a little is OK, but keep it light.


Best to minimize corn

I could swear I saw another post from him say somewhere that you should really restrict corn to saturdays.

However - popping corn is different from sweet corn. Popping corn contains much more protein and less starch/sugar than regular corn. Alton Brown lays down the 411:




It's really up to you, a little may be fine, just don't overdo it.

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Dammit I had a nice detailed answere wrote out and my page refreshed. this is the quick version.

I worked this out for myself once a while back. Popcorn is less sugary than sweet corn you eat at dinner which is promising. But it is still 81% carb and a "fast" carb by its glycemic index. In its favor, it's not very caloricly dense (1 cup is 31 cal). Glycemic load is when you take glycemic index (how fast your body converts food to blood sugar) and multiply it by the overall amount of calories ingested. The higher the glycemic load the more likely to trigger a insulinic response (what we're trying to avoid on the SCD). I figured 1 cup of popcorn was probably SCD safe But anything more was dangerous. Who can just eat one cup of popcorn though?

When your stuck wondering about any food, this same process can be applied to hopefully shed some light. (look at amount of carbs, type of carbs, glycemic index, total calories, and glycemic load).

  • Drewfis H commented Dec 4th 2012:

    "Who can just eat one cup of popcorn though?" yea, this. Popcorn is on the don't list AND it's a major domino food for pretty much everybody. Especially movie popcorn. If someone told me to eat a cup of movie popcorn then stop, I'd laugh hysterically, then take their whole bucket and start running the other way.


Popcorn is not allowed.


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I see everyone saying no no no, but I do air popped popcorn every other day with nothing added to it and it actually helps with constipation and I have still been losing average of 3 pounds/week so try it into your diet if you really want to and if it doesn't hurt and helps with other things keep doing it in moderation but if you don't lose cut it out


No grains are allowed on the slow carb diet (corn is a grain, not a vegetable).Tim mentions eating the southwest salsa that contains corn, but it barely has any.

  • Gina Alderman commented Mar 25th 2013:

    Corn is NOT a grain. But still... prob best to avoid on this plan.

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