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Odorless vs. Deodorized Garlic

Just to let everyone know, there's a BIG difference between odor-free garlic and deodorized garlic, at least from what I experienced. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and bought a pack of Garlique, which are odor-free tasteless tablets (5000 mcg of allicin). The was only 30 in the pack, so I went back and tried the Vitamin Shoppe Allicin 4000mcg 'deodorized' garlic tablets--that was a BIG mistake. I was burping out pure garlic for hours, even when I took it with meals. It's not really deodorized at all like it said. The Garlique on the other hand, didn't have any side effects, thankfully. So I'm looking for other brands like this that don't smell (Vitamin Shoppe is always sold out of garlic ever since the 4HB book came out, yet their brand of garlic sucks!).

So my question is, which brand of garlic are you taking and does it taste/smell like garlic? Does it say 'deodorized' or 'odorless' on the package?

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I bought Natrol GarliPure "odor controlled" Maimum Allicin formula from vitacost.com. 100 caplets in bottle. not every time, but sometimes, i notice a bit of a garlic reflux but only right after i take it. then its fine.


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This site has great prices and selection of vitamins, including garlic. I got the PAGG stack for about $15.



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I'm taking Garlicin which is labeled odor-free and haven't had any burping/gas issues with it.

  • ron.roberts commented Feb 27th 2011:
    This guy said he had issues with Garlicin, I guess everyone digests differently! http://4hourpeople.com/question/1149/garlic-supplement

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