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who skips SCD breakfast on cheat day??

is it really that big of a deal to skip the traditional 30g protein/legumes/greens/etc. as the first meal of cheat day? if i'm reading "damage control" correctly, the SCD breakfast is somehow supposed to blunt spikes in blood sugar/insulin and prevent total self-destruction throughout the day.

however, if part of reason we have a cheat day is to seriously up our calorie count, what does it matter if we go whole hog, start to finish?

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Ive not bothered with the SCD brekky for the last few weeks, doesnt seem to have changed anything. Still go with the pint of freezing water and PAGG tho.


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I wonder if it would be ok to eat a SCD breakfast, but since you're going to be going off-plan, if it would change anything to add non-SCD things to breakfast, like cheese and toast and pastries?

  • JJJ commented Sep 7th 2011:

    I do this on my cheat day. I make sure to get 30 g of protein, but also have a heap of pancakes with syrup and some fruit with a huge glass of raw milk.

    I notice that if I have a strict SCD breakfast I'm just hating it and waiting to be hungry so I can go on with my cheat day and have some fun.

    I think the reason Tim recommends the breakfast is to prevent the classic problem of having a high carb breakfast with little to no protein that spikes your appetite for the remainder of the day, like when you eat sugary cereal for breakfast and are hungry in an hour.

  • marymegs commented Sep 7th 2011:

    Thanks! I'll do that on my next "anything" day :) (I don't like calling it cheating haha, since it's part of the plan to go off plan)

  • JJJ commented Sep 7th 2011:

    I agree, which is why I call it "my day where I eat everything in the world" ha.

    That being said if you notice that it affects your results for the week or makes you feel icky all day, go back to eating the SCD breakfast. I've tried both and it made no difference, but that could be because I restart eating (and eating crazy) so soon after the SCD breakfast because I just can't wait.


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I've actually done an 18 hour fast from dinner the day before Cheat Day until about lunchtime on Cheat Day. Tim actually touches on it briefly in the "Live Forever" chapter, on page 480 I think. I'm really enjoying it.


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My first cheat day I didn't have a slow carb breakfast, I just went to town on pastries and sweet iced coffee. But my second cheat day, I had 30g of protein first thing in the morning (lots of eggs whites), because that's what my body wanted/was craving. After that I went total self annihilation on the sweets again. I didn't see a significant difference in weight/fat loss between those two weeks, so I would say it doesn't matter so much.


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Last time i did SCD i didn't notice any major difference, thought after a while i was so used to my SCD breakfast so i simple pr routine started my day with it.

This time around i have mad e afew changes.. getting my protein from eggs, adding some extra bacon and then also adding some bread and milk that i normally cannot have. So i make a mix of SCD and cheat day breakfast :p

Will see how it works out this time :)


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I, because I love breakfast with fresh bread/rolls, homemade marmelade and honey, orange juice, toast, eggs, coffee, newspaper & some flowers on the table. That is what i have on saturday.

After getting up, I have a big iced coffee (coldbrew overnight in the fridge). Very tasty AND cold.

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