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As an executive during my career I was VERY discipline, specially when maintaining my weight low. But my attention-getting, hourglass shape (21" waist through my 40s!) started fading when I hit menopause at 55. My doc is still happy with my BMI of 25 for my age, but I feel fat/mushy and I'm very unhappy with myself. I've been seeing the 4 Hour Diet and Tim on everything lately and decided to buy the book. I forced myself to weigh in and take measurements and, crap, I am shocked and embarassed by my new numbers. I have developed a serious addiction to the very foods I have had to eliminate the past three days on this diet: Rice, bread, ice cream, potatoes, cakes, pies, etc. and it's been a difficult start. Anytime I've been able to lose weight in the past few years I've had to cut my cals to less than 1,000 - not sustainable, since I've developed a true affinity for food! So, I'm looking for tips and support from this group, including from other "hot seniors"!

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Lots of amazingly kind and helpful people on this site. The food cravings get easier, I never even had to consciously attempt to change my views on food.

I also have been shocked and embarrassed at my measurements. Which surprised me as I've been embarrassed about my body for a long time. So don't worry, you're not alone!

Oh and welcome!



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I just posted about my results after two months, but I am 51 and have lost four pounds (my goal is only 1 1/2 more!). More importantly, my eating habits have changed dramatically because I used to have a small amount of dessert every night. I also had whole grain bread for breakfast every morning and two cappuccinos every day.

I have given up sugar entirely, switched to Americanos for coffee and do not eat any grains at all except on Cheat Day. I am sleeping better and feel energetic as well.

Just stick with it, and you will find the cravings go away. The results are well worth it.


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Aditamaria, I am 53, have been on 4HB for 13 weeks now and I LOVE IT. The pain and weakness associated with my rheumatoid arthritis have dramatically decreased, and I just had my doctor ok cutting one of my blood pressure meds from twice daily to once. I am absolutely amazed by how much this way of eating has improved my overall health, my mobility, my skin, my hair, my attitude, my energy. And I've lost 21 lbs! The more I read (and I've been reading a LOT), the more I am convinced that fast carbs are the bane of our entire country. I have lab work done every 3 months because of the RA meds I'm on. As if I needed more proof, it's there as well.

After the first few days, your addictions will be broken and you will be without cravings. You will be very glad you've found this. Do commit to at least 8 weeks of it, though, I'd say, to make it a fair test. A lot of folks have said that for women over 40, things don't really start rolling until week 5 or 6. It's not hard to stay on at all, though, and I don't even eat beef, pork, or poultry! If you need extra support, write me by adding a o l to my username. (I DO consider myself a "hot senior"!!!) ;)

Good luck!!

  • adacandoit commented Aug 18th 2011:

    Gretchenlin, I meant to ask you, is fish the only "meat" you eat? Canned fish? Need more ideas for quick fish fixings. : )

  • Gretchen Linden commented Aug 18th 2011:

    Yep, fish and shrimp are the only "meat" I eat. Gave up meat a year ago, as many RA sufferers say it helped them to do so. I love tilapia, cooked in butter on top of stove. Or baked/poached salmon. And the Starkist tuna in pouches; so easy for work...on a salad, or rolled up in lettuce leaves with whatever I feel like. Search "croquettes" here for a tuna pattie recipe I made up that I like. And search "Best SCD meal..." here too for my shrimp recipe. :)@kath -- I'm going to look for those Wild Salmon Burgers! THX!!

  • adacandoit commented Aug 28th 2011:

    Great ideas on fish! I got those WF salmon burgers and they were great. I'm afraid I'm eating to much red meat so I gotta change my diet. Thanks!

  • loretta commented Aug 18th 2011:

    I'm buttin' in here because I only eat fish/seafood, no other kinds of meat. Here are some fish ideas that I use frequently:

    Canned tuna in water (just a couple of times a week)

    Wild Salmon Burgers from Costco. Amazing and they are SCD compliant

    Jumbo Shrimp in a cauliflower rice stir fry

    Smoked Salmon in salads, omelettes, etc.

    Salmon Jerky (there's usually some sugar in this, but I eat this jerky as a "last resort, I can't find anything else to eat" kind of food.

    Hope this helps with some ideas!

  • loretta commented Aug 18th 2011:

    Gretchenlin, those salmon burgers are soooo good! And, it takes just minutes to cook. I'm going to look for those recipes you posted, too! Thanks!


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This is the best place to get support. There are many on the site of the same age group kicking butt that would love to help you out. Welcome to the site; we're rooting for you!



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Hey Adacandoit!

Welcome! I'm 52 years old, premenopausal, anemic, and on thyroid meds. I have been on the SCD for 38 days now. I also love it!

I have lost 12 lbs. Those first 10 came off pretty quickly and then I just hung between 178–180 for the next couple of weeks. This morning I dropped to 176 and yesterday I tightened my belt a notch! The scale won't tell all, however, so don't get discouraged. I've lost inches and I can feel it. My clothes are looser and look better. My energy is returning. I feel SO great!

Everyone says that women lose slower than men and to wait until week 5 or 6. That seems to be true. Something just shifted for me this week and I know that the lbs. are going to start dropping off now.

Within a week or two you'll get the hang of preparing meals. Your cravings for refined carbs and sugars will go away quickly. I was a cheese and chocolate addict and don't really miss those things that much.

Just don't give up in the first few weeks. Come back here for support. This group is great. I'm here for you, too!

  • adacandoit commented Aug 28th 2011:

    Kath, just a follow up, you were right, I don't obsess over bread and desserts as much. I plan my cheat day carefully (there is this great little ice cream shop . . .!), so I go for the really good stuff and I'm stisfied for another week!

  • loretta commented Aug 29th 2011:

    So glad to hear it! Getting over the first hump is the hard part and then it's easy from there.

    I didn't get ice cream this cheat day as there was no way to transport it to the retreat I was going to so I have to wait another 6 days. boo hoo! I did, however, eat a LOT of chocolate to make up for it! :0D

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