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Member intro: Forty, Fat-ish and Fearful.

I read the 4HB and even tried slow carb diet in order to look human for a Caribbean cruise I was getting ready to go on but I never really felt the motivation to take good care of myself.

Taking a step back to a few decades ago (has it been that long?), in my twenties, I was bulletproof, eating and doing as I pleased while my 5 ft 10 inch frame fought fat and injury off like a superhero and weighed in a solid 186lbs and 15% body fat. In my thirties I still had the cape but I couldn't get the tights on; they obviously shrunk in the wash. The number 200 showed up on the scale from time to time but my doctor advised that my cholesterol was good and my blood pressure was "great". I allowed my plastic ego to accept that my new body was fine and moved on albeit with slower recovery times, into my forties. I am in fact, forty now.

My cape has been dyed pink in the laundry and the tights are on my neighbors child's cabbage patch doll. I went on a cruise this year and my pre-cruise, weight-goal was my heaviest weight in my mid thirties. Blood-pressure recently bolted into stage one, hypertension and my lipids are so high you could dip fries in my blood and call it gravy.

Fast forward to NOW.

Two weeks done on ice pack/bath protocol, PAGG, proper 7 hrs sleep/night, slow carb diet and twice weekly 70rep Russian kettle bell swings I'm five fat pounds down, one muscle pound up and my blood pressure is in normal ranges. I'm seeing a dietician every two weeks for caliper measurements and have my blood work at the beginning of this odyssey recorded by my doc. In two weeks we retake those.

First tweaks. No more peas, they were a mainstay of the past two weeks but I'm shifting to broccoli cauliflower and asparagus.

Looking forward to more positive change.



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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm glad you have a plan enacted and you are taking proper precautions to reach your goals. Welcome to the site!


  • Stereochild commented Oct 10th 2011:

    laggu join the club!

    It's that middle age spread thing but then remember 40 is the new 30!!

    Your post is making me re think eating any peas. Mind you they haven't been my mainstay, I have only had them twice but they are known to be high in carbohydrate.

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