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Been on the 4HB diet a week and a half...seen no results yet. I have tremendous will power and have been following it to a T????? Breakfast, 2 eggs, beans and steamed broccoli: Lunch Grilled chicken salad with beans ot cottage cheese: 2nd lunch chicken or eggs, beans and veggies.... I dont eat alot to begin, and never have. I am not over weight I am skinny fat! And tired of hearing "you dont need a diet" It seems that my tummy is growing and I feel extra flabby.. My diet before this was vegetarian, natural, and no 'white' carbs anyway, so I am giving it a shot...but....



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Have you been following the workout recommendations? Get a kettlebell and get working! Also, make sure you are eating enough. Many people make the mistake of eating too little and then their metabolism slows. Are you drinking enough water? You need lots of water. Have you been following the PAGG and AGG recommendations, using cinnamon, drinking lemon juice, etc.? If you follow all Tim's recommendations, you will lose weight and inches right where you need it. Just curious, but is it possible that you are not as bloated as you believe?

  • GettingThere commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Great suggestions Britt! cdex2, you could also try upping protein at breakfast, cutting the cottage cheese and perhaps cutting beans at dinner (you didn't list a fourth meal). Also, since there are no servings sizes that you listed you could very well be eating too few calories (or too many depending on how many beans you eat). Also try the kettlebell!!

  • cdex2 commented Aug 13th 2011:

    thank you guys for your suggestions.. I have always lost weight by eating less, it is the only thing that my body has responded to.. So eating this much was really hard for me in the begining.. So here is a detail of my meals. I cant always do 4 (work, schedule) I clean houses all day so it is kind of a physical job... I do pilates 3 times a week (for the past 6 years) and run 1-2 times a week (or not) Kettle bell seems to give an unappealing figure to me, I am more about long and lean? so I dont know about that one....

  • cdex2 commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Breakfast;(very hard for me, I hate eating in the am)

    2 poached eggs, 1/4 cup or so beans; broccoli


    2 strips grilled chicken, large mixed greens salad, 1/4 or 1/3 c beans, 1/3 c cotage cheese, (sometimes 1/3 avocato), and olive oil


    small helping of whatever leftover beans and chick with any veg ususally from last nights dinner (I'm not even hungry at this time)


    1/3 can beans mixed with chicken and canned tomatoes.A bowl full helping.

    I really appreciate your help because I am struggling to keep up....I NEED to loose about 8 or so lbs of fat (recently put on) and hopefully gain some muscle which has always been impossible for me...Oh, I was a vegetarian before this, for about 8 monthe, I think thats how I gained weight???

  • GettingThere commented Aug 13th 2011:

    I would say you should add some protein to breakfast (maybe more of the same chicken you are eating at lunch. For ease of preparation you could cook it all at once on Sunday and just make extras.) 2 eggs and beans isn't enough protein. Also at lunch are the chicken strips at least 20g protein when added to the beans? I would suggest you cut out the cottage cheese and see if that helps. Also, at dinner make sure the canned tomatoes have no added sugar. Are you taking measurements? Since you are probably eating a lot more protein on SCD than with your veggie diet and exercising (pilates) you could be gaining muscle.

  • GettingThere commented Aug 13th 2011:

    What kind of beans are you eating? Maybe switch that up to a different kind or try lentil or edamame. Are you having a cheat day each week? If so about how much do you gain and when does it come off?

  • ajgoldman commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Are you female? It took me a number of weeks before I started losing weight, and I only had 4 lbs. to lose. I have now lost the four plus inches. A number of people have said that females often do not see results until weeks 4-6.

    In addition, are you measuring inches? Progress is not always reflected on the scale. Your body may be changing. Stick to it for a few more weeks and see.

    Avoid beans at night. I think you need more food at dinner. You should add vegetables. I eat a spoonful of peanut butter at night as well. I would actually add some nuts to your diet as well, even though that might not work for you.

  • GettingThere commented Aug 13th 2011:

    I second ajgoldman's advice and I encourage you, cdex2, to commit to the diet long term, at least 6 weeks. Even though you may not be losing as much fat as the book may have led you to believe, focus on the positive changes you are making for your health and the way this new lifestyle is maing you feel. This WOE is a lifestyle and once you get into a groove, you will be hooked for life and won't want to turn back to your old ways.

  • cdex2 commented Aug 14th 2011:

    wow.. I am soo greatful for your help!!! I am going to take the suggestions;

    no cottage cheese, measure.. add chicken to b-fast, no beans at night...

    So I eat canned, red pink or withe beand mostly, (I am def. bloated)

    I dont know the protein content of my lunch chicken, its pron 1/3 of a whole chicken breast, (or less)

    I love peanut butter! it was like a food group for me b4!!

    I dont know how much I gain at cheat day, I need to monitor that, thx!

    I am pretty patient and have tremendous wil power so I am sticking it out for 4 more weeks and will see what happens. Hopefully tweaking with your help is going to get me started!! thx

    Oh, yes I am female (mother of 2)


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Welcome to 4 hour people site.

  • cdex2 commented Aug 12th 2011:

    thanks.. I am very close to giving up though.. this site is kind of a last round.. I am not loosing, infact I think I am gaining!!!!I dont know what to do

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