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It's my time to be in control

I struggled with IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, celiac spru, and food allergies e.g. Gluten/wheat, ALL forms of dairy, soy, most nuts etc. And had my large intestine removed 2 years ago. I have always been a very good athlete and the past 5 years have lost a lot of endurance. I am able to get back down to a 12% pretty easy but keeping that consistent is a challenge as my chronic fatigue takes over due to nutrition and my ability to process foods while keeping a good immune system. Water weight is something that has fluctuated daily easy 5lbs-8lbs, which quite discouraging. So with that said...

I am ready to challenge my body, mind and inner strength to over come these obstacles, no matter how difficult it seems. Tim’s book has helped me build a path to begin my structure to create different daily, weekly, monthly challenges/tests. I have been working toward;

    Uberman Sleep

    12 week Endurance Training

    Diet - new foods and products that are allergen free


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Definitely go for it! My husband has terrible IBS. When he was doing sc he was feeling great--no issues. You will definitely be successful on the scd. Good luck!!


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Good luck with it, you are going to need to drink a LOT of water but I guess you already know more about managing your circumstances than we do

Go for it, but take care, you are a different type of guinee pig so concentrate on what works for you, not what worked for Tim.

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