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Simple Bean Cake Recipe: Feels like cheat day!

I made these this morning for breakfast, with a side of greens. They taste like potato pancakes and the onion gives them a nice bite.


1 can of beans, drained and rinsed (I used pinto)

1 small cooking onion, diced

1 whole large egg, beaten

egg whites added as needed

salt and pepper to taste

oil to fry (I used olive)


1.Mash your beans and mix all of your ingredients until they are the consistency of a thick pancake batter. Add the egg whites to thin it as needed.

2. Heat the oil in your pan, spoon the batter as you would pancakes, and brown on both sides.


  • Arelleth commented Aug 15th 2011:

    I tried it with black beans and they were fantastic! Thanks so much :)


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These, are absolutely awesome! I ended up using two small eggs, instead of one with extra egg whites, and the split the batch up: I made four small (well blinis more than) pancakes, then added some shredded natural ham to another third, which made three or four smalls, and then some Morrocan seasoning. Very Tasty!

Big hit with Mr Cait, who's been struggling with appetite this week. So thanks!!

  • Nadia Papineau commented Jan 13th 2014:

    Very similar to my lentil meatloaf recipe, just you add tomato sauce to the meatloaf. Also a good one to try!

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I just tried a variation on these that came out delicious.

I used garbanzo beans, almond flour and added unsweetened shredded coconut, then seasoned it with curry powder and some red pepper flakes.

They were outstanding... kind of a cross between Middle Eastern falafel and South Indian dosa.

I made little ones so it made 7 cakes from 1 can of garbanzo beans. Hopefully eating 1 a day for the week still counts as "chickpeas in moderation!"

Thanks for the inspiration.

  • December Jones commented Jan 24th 2013:

    I made these last night and they are AH -MAZING!! Had a little trouble with them falling apart but will keep experimenting with them! I just used white cannelinis, onion, egg, garlic, salt and pepper with a splash of almond milk. DELICIOUS!!


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Yum! These sound great!

  • Vtine311 commented Aug 16th 2011:

    I am trying to cook these right now....are they suppose to take a long time to brown and become firm??

  • LizMir commented Aug 16th 2011:

    Yeah, I'd say longer than you'd expect... I also made them pretty small. It gets easier as the pan gets hotter.

  • Vtine311 commented Aug 16th 2011:

    Thanks! They were delicious! I tried to broil them as well, lol, at first it seemed like it was working out great but once I flipped them they started to burn .....lol....gotta love experimenting in the kitchen! Next time around I will make them a little runnier and smaller! Alsoooo...I used a can of organic red pepper jalapeno refried beans (sold at Meijer) instead of pinto and they really had great flavor!

  • LizMir commented Aug 17th 2011:

    The red pepper beans sound delicious! I was hoping someone would get creative and post their variation :)


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These sound delicious but my attempt was a trainwreck. used the recipe save for lentils instead of pinto and im sure i botched it along the way. the batter never um...turned into a cake, stayed batter after probably 20 minutes of cooking. any hints or tips?

  • LizMir commented Sep 4th 2011:

    I wouldn't use lentils for this recipe. There are so few ingredients that a it's more than just a textural difference. I'd stick with other varieties of beans like red, black, etc.


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Thanks ! I am going to try this today :-)


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Hooray!! What a great alternative to breakfast. My girlfriend and I are already starting to tire of eating scrambled eggs with spinach and salsa in the mornings. Going to give these a try.

Thanks! :D


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This is an awesome idea! Thank you. I plan to do it once with pintos and once with red beans.


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How much oil do you use?

  • LizMir commented Jun 30th 2012:

    I just use enough oil so that they don't stick and they brown a bit-- depends on how many I'm making. It's just a matter of preference beyond that.


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First of all, much love to the OP for sharing an amazing recipe. This is definitely a new stable for my meal plan. And in the interest of our shared movement towards happier, healthier bodies I'd like to share what I ate for dinner tonight.


This is the 4 Hour Burger. It's a beef patty with two bean pancakes and some fried onions. No carb, all taste. It is definitely NOT a go-to meal, it's got a lot of fat to go with that protein. But it's definitely a nice option when you're tired of your regular meals and might be feeling a little carby. Enjoy!

  • Nancy Fairchild commented Jul 20th 2012:

    this is my first week on the diet, but i'm a total foodie and have been having fun making different stuff (can't do the same few meals over and over, but i enjoy leftovers)

    I made these cakes this a.m. and had a hard time with them not sticking until the 3rd batch. so i took the crispy crumbles and put them over a bed of kale and mushrooms and then topped the whole shebang with one whole egg basted over easy. it was so delicious, tasted not like a diet food even one little bit!


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Looks like a great receipt does this make one or two servings?

  • LizMir commented Aug 25th 2012:

    It makes about 6 nice-sized cakes. Two servings, unless you're really hungry!


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Anyone try making these cakes ahead of time and freezing the extra cakes unfried for later?


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I'm going to definitely try these, I miss potatoes already.


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Just tried this out tonight with the girlfriend. Wonderful!


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LizMir, you're my new heroine (as in female hero, you understand hehe)!!! I've tried this for dinner with some salad, great stuff!

I used plenty of lemon juice on it and tastes fantastic, thank you so much!


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is this recipe SCD friendly? I am planning to make one next week to eat as dessert.


  • Smithar Raghunathan commented Jul 5th 2013:

    honey isn't SCD friendly i believe. and not sure about using the other sweeteners (stevia or splenda). unsure on the cocoa powder even though unsweetened.


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I made these using Cannellini Beans and added some spinach. They did not hold very well. Are we supposed to basically fry them because I used a cooking spray first and it did not come out that well.

Also, what is the protein count? How many should I eat to get to 30gm of protein?


  • LizMir commented Jul 5th 2013:

    I fry them in a little bit of olive oil, so it shouldn't matter to whether it holds or not, as long as they're not sticking to the pan. The spinach might affect it, but I would try adding more egg whites! It's a must, because 1 whole egg isn't generally enough.

    There is (approximately) a little more than 30g protein in one batch of these, but it depends on what kind of beans you use, and how many egg whites. There are also some user suggestions that included meat. So, I would calculate that yourself based on your own ingredients!


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Tried this tonight for the first time and, while not perfect, they were pretty darn good. Much experimenting to be done!


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Yummy! Made with kidney beans, placed on plate of mixed greens, topped with salsa.

First bite did remind me of my grandmothers potato pancakes!

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