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Slow Carb Diet: Are Tomatos allowed?

Technically, a tomato is a fruit. So I am not quite sure, whether tomatoes (and tomato puree) are allowed, or not.

As adding tomatoes would enrich my dishes a great deal, I really want to know.


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Yes, tomatoes are a fruit technically but they ARE allowed on the slow carb diet. This may be because they are lower in natural sugar than other fruits and don't spike your insulin levels as high. Just as would be in a "normal food pyramid" tomatoes are categorized as a vegetable in e food groups.

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Yes they are allowed. Yes the tomatoes are a fruit, but they with avocados are the only exception to the number 4 rule in the "Slow Carb Diet" ("Rule #4: Do not eat fruit"). So yes, u can eat them as much as you want, they are delicious by the way. (avocados are allowed just until 1 cup per day)

  • NotoriousDBA commented Mar 31st 2011:
    No, Tim only says to limit avocados.
  • NotoriousDBA commented Mar 31st 2011:
    Also, there are plenty of other fruits which we think of as vegetables that are not restricted on the SCD; e.g. cucumbers, squash, eggplant, etc.
  • TylerS commented Feb 22nd 2011:
    Correction: Tim mentions to limit tomatoes and avocados, not eat all you want.


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Tomatoes and avocados are the only 'fruit' allowed on slow carb. Unless you're following the 'Last Mile' Chapter, then tomatoes are NOT allowed.


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Yes. Tomato and advocadoes. =)


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Tim says yes, BUT he says no fructose in the diet... but tomatoes (and avocados to a lesser extent) have fructose!! so doesn't that just defy the no fructose theory??!!! You can look up fructose content on

It just kind of boggles me b/c if fructose stalls weight loss, then how are tomatoes allowed? Not only that, but many vegetables also have fructose!


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Just be careful with the cherry tomatoes. They are much sweeter than their bigger relatives. ;) I ate a lot of tomato salad the past two weeks and still lost 2,5 Kilo, although I donĀ“t have to lose a lot (1,64 m / 57,5 Kg).


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I wanted to make sure this was clear. Tomatoes and avocados are allowed on the SCD however Tim recommends limiting their intake. I believe it was 1/2 cup of avocados per day. Not sure on the tomatoes but due to the sugar in them they should be treated as adding diversity rather than being a staple.

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