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Cutting out beans to speed up fat loss?

I go to them when I need a "filler" food... ya know, something to plump up a meal and make it more hearty while still being "paleo/slow carb". But I have a sneaking suspicion that if I was to cut beans out (i.e my beloved kidney and black beans, etc), I would be losing fat faster. Could they be the tipping point to me losing fat quicker? Any thoughts or suggestions?


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There are threads here that discuss this. By definition, legumes are simply more carbohydrates. Taking them out of the diet will in turn push one into ketosis (the state at which your liver can no longer use glycogen as a source of energy because no carbohydrates are available. In this case, fat is used as an energy source). However, you may feel less energetic due to lack of carbohydrates that also facilitate proper brain function. A good plan is to keep the legumes for the breakfast meal, and feel free to cut the rest out of your day. Also, feel free to check around other threads; you may find the answers you are seeking. Welcome!


  • angelbrenda commented Aug 19th 2011:

    Beans seem to help my weight loss! on days I dont have beans my weight loss slows

  • tinasjoi commented Mar 26th 2012:

    Without the beans it is just Atkins, however I have been on Atkins and you are hungry all day and you have cravings. The beans help to keep your insulin level in check and keep you from the chips and candy. Keep the beans you need them for success.

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I actually tried to cut out legumes completely and it did make my weight loss quicker. Nevertheless, I was not able to do it for longer than 2 days! Even though I increased the intake of protein, I still felt hungry, was lacking energy and felt really moody. It doesn´t sound that serious now but I had a really hard time concentrating and I was so tired that I went to sleep at 8pm!!! So I just decided to go back to legumes for breakfast and lunch ... Despite these inconveniences I might actually do one no-legumes-day/week to speed up the weight loss after my cheat day since it was a really effective post-cheat-day "cure" D-=


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You should only need to remove beans from your diet, or limit them, when you're close to your goal . This means the last 5-15 pounds. The Last Mile is a good option for when you get to this point- all you basically need to do is cut the legumes out and extend the time between cheat days.

I'm on the last 7lbs to get to my goal weight, and restricting legumes to pre/post workout and extending cheat days to every 10-14 days ensures I lose up to 3lbs a week, not counting whooshes, when I can lose more.

That said ,you really shouldn't need to cut out legumes until you get to the last 10lbs because it won't really make much difference to your results as your metabolism might respond by slowing down. As you lose weight your metabolism naturally slows so until you get to the point where your only losing >1lb a week keep them in. And this may not happen either, as long as you are happy with your results there is no need to change anything.

You don't have to eat them for every meal either- try having 2 meals with beans one day, 1 meal the next, and all meals with some beans a day. Not overdoing them is obviously important, so stick to 3/4-1.5 cups a day, depending on your energy needs. See if how this cycling of carb intake during the week affects your weight loss, and make changes according to this if you need to.

  • paulshack commented Dec 30th 2011:

    So eat beans!

  • Sam Green commented Dec 30th 2011:

    Yes, I was just covering the points of when you would actually need to consider limiting beans :)


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Eat the beans! Keep doing it if your hungry! If they are out of a can rinse them first but for gawd's sake eat those beans. Cutting them out will make you very, very sad and not help your weight loss.

Lock and load. Beans are good. (Currently on Borlotti or Rosecoco beans)

Love and Might


  • HappyGranny commented Jan 12th 2012:

    I agree! if I don't eat beans/lentils I am hungry/weak/tired/cold. And it makes me want to cheat on non-cheat days. When I eat beans I feel energetic and satisfied.

    This is not a diet but a way of living.

    AND I lost 4.3 kilo in 5 weeks,( I am 55 yr woman with children).

    I just made spicy lentil cookies as a side dish to my green bean/tuna salad. Hmmmm!

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