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Member intro: I can't help cheating

I was doing amazingly well and three weeks into the SCD. And then I went to the cottage. My cheat day turned into a weekend.. and then week... and then week and a day. I need my resolve back!


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Definitely throw out any and all non-SCD foods after your cheat day!

If it's not in the house, you can't eat it.

  • Finn commented Aug 10th 2011:

    This is good advice, I will try this. Finding I am having 2 cheat days sometimes because of leftover food from the Saturday....too tempting!

  • loretta commented Aug 10th 2011:

    I read somewhere else (maybe here) that you should go out to eat for cheat day. That way there's no offending food left over in the house. The only exception for me is ice cream because I know I can and will eat the entire container so there's nothing left to tempt me!

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Use and put your money where your mouth is.

You set a goal, a weekly day to report, and a cost you'll have to pay out if you fail to meet your goal each week. Its gonna be a hell of a lot harder to eat a cupcake on tuesday evening if you know its going to cost you $100, and even harder yet if you know that $100 will be funding a political movement which you despise.

I'd recommend setting a process based goal rather than a results based goal. Its hard to guarantee that you'll lose at least 3.2 pounds a week and such a goal can encourage extreme dieting. It is, however, much easier to ensure that you follow the slow carb diet for 4 weeks.

Like others said, get the junk food out of the house if you can. I understand if its not possible- I live with my family of four, the other members of whom love their oreos and ice cream.

Either way, no one is going to make you lose this weight if you don't.

So... how badly do you want it?

  • gilfunkel commented Aug 12th 2011:

    It's been a few days, how are you doing?

  • cynlin commented Aug 13th 2011:

    I'm back on it! Thanks for checking in... I want it bad! ;)

  • Steph commented Sep 30th 2011:

    omg, awesome advice! I'm considering doing that!


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It helps me to measure my waist inches every morning after I use the washroom and before I eat or drink anything.

Having a harajuko moment is indespensible obviously.

Eating enough beans at meals helps keep you from being hungry and craving sweets.

You have to value progress over momentary pleasures.

I look at my waist graph everyday when I input my stats ( and this motivates me to continue until I have a flat belly.


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Yeah, definitely keep the house temptation free. (and make sure to keep some pre-made SCD friendly foods ahead of time in the fridge so you can grab some really quickly if the munchies strike. And snacks like cottage cheese and almonds. Coffee with coconut milk or almond milk helps to kill cravings too)

On cheat day, I always hit one of the buffet restaurants because of the sheer variety of foods (I don't have to just pick one and no need to worry about the mounting tab. One price and I'm good to go.) Come home with a stuffed gut and start the week clean.

Now, go. Get back on that wagon. (I fell off for a week too but amazingly the pre-binge weight came back in 5 days. Not bad, right?)

  • cynlin commented Aug 13th 2011:

    This is good to know! It sucks to know my results from three weeks disappeared after a week and a half.. where could I have been now?! Thanks everyone!


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Start again. Go buy frozen veggies, a bunch of chicken, organic beans have these foods ready to eat when you get hungry so you don't go for snack junk because it's easier. Pitch all carbs. And write down during the week what you crave and then eat it on your cheat day. You can get back on track. You Can Do it!! Remember your goal!. Good luck and hope to see you on here again!


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Most, if not all of the above replies agree that it is not a good idea to keep non- SCD food around on days that aren't the cheat day. Just like with the diet itself, I personally plan my meals and therefore I plan, or at least have an idea, of what it is that I will cheat with. And for the most part, everything I've bought for cheat day, I eat on cheat day. Otherwise, it goes in the TRASH CAN. The amount of cheat food I've thrown away is minimal, but the couple of times I've done it, it has been a powerful, symbolic act of my resolve to get rid of my abdominal fat.

Lastly, I would strongly recommend to check your vocabulary, for it has the power of shaping your reality. Your intro says "I can't help cheating." You could change that into the past tense, and add the outcome you desire, for example: "During the past few weeks, I couldn't help cheating, now, I'm getting back on track and sticking to Slow Carb foods until cheat day"

Also, how are you making your SCD meals? Are they getting bland and boring? I think a reason I have been successful at sticking to the SCD diet, is because I eat huge meals (I'm also trying to bulk up while losing fat) and I make them tasty. I do eat plenty of salsa with my veggies, and I do lightly season my meats. I also recently bought a George Foreman grill and it is helping me stop grudging having to cook.

Lastly, be well aware that there is a great number of idiots surrounding you in your daily life, and so-called family and friends will always be glad to tempt you to eat the same crap they're eating. You must be strong in your resolve to stick to your guns and never slip up, and in the face of ridicule, remember the saying "misery loves company". For example, I usually go out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Saturdays are my cheat days. That means, that if I go out, I cannot drink anything other than water or red wine. So I, a 28 year old male, drinking red wine at bars and clubs, strikes most people as odd, even a couple of bartenders have giggled when I've asked for red wine. But I realize that none of them pay my bills or are working out on my behalf to lose my belly fat. So I can care less about their opinion of me or whatever they have to say. If you relate, I hope this helps.

Best of luck to you my friend! :)


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I used to cheat on my old diets all the time. I have been pretty good thus far, with only a coupple of cheats on a Golf Tournament (where there was no SCD food) and when I was feeling like I was getting a wasn't so bad on the scale.

Before I started this "journey", I said to myself if per chance I were to binge, and continue to eat the way I used to:


Best of luck.

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