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Worrying about cheat day , how much is to much?

Happy w/SCD- in 2 months, I went from 194 to 179 Ibs, I exercise 6 days week with one day off. My goal is to be@165-170 Ibs

But, today, I went to all you could eat and pigged out and I'm a little worried, my other cheat days were just pizza or burgers and fries.

I had an intense workout this morning and I had my protein and regular breakfast but I have not done the grapefruit and the air squats the time I cheat.

What I read -the grapefruit juice and the exercise doesn't make that much of a difference, or does it ?

Please advise.


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Hi, Joe!

I would totally do Damage Control stuff throughout your Cheat Day.

Grapefruit Juice(make sure it is 100% grapefruit juice and not a mix) before cheats. If it has been an hour or more since last cheat, take a swig of grapefruit juice again.

Do air squats and wall presses at the very least as close to the cheats as possible(preferably right before). I have sometimes not been able to do exercises, so, I've just drank my grapefruit juice when I am out and about.

Also, something I didn't do, but I think I will do today is put a little lemon juice in my water when I drink it throughout the day, which is another cheat day tactic.

I recently had one of my support gals who had NEVER done Damage Control on cheat days. She did it one cheat day and reported the results. USUALLY she gains back about 6-7 lbs after cheat day....after the cheat day she did the Damage Control...she only gained 1.5 lbs. So, I'd say it works. :) The less you have to lose during the week, the faster the weight will come off. :)

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I believe those are separated in the book. Doing air-squats and the other items detailed in the Damage Control chapter are not essential for the slow-carb diet to be successful. In theory, you should be able to just sit around all day and eat if you wanted to. HOWEVER. If you want the fastest results then yes, feel free to incorporate the Damage Control advice.

  • joe4ta commented Aug 7th 2011:

    Make sense, so I'm clear- grapefruit juice and the 2 exercises after diet guy gone wild binge meal is the way to go for the fastest results.

  • miguelur commented Sep 2nd 2011:

    I might add two notes:

    - I *think* you are still required to have four meals during your cheat day, not just eat any time through the day

    - Also doing the air squats and wall presses 1,5 hours after each cheat-meal should help, as with having coffee or mate tea right after eating - these are techniques also described in Damage Control

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