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Before and after: 3 months 32 pounds

Hello my fellow SCD teammates,

Long story short,

I started at 215lbs and I am now 183lbs. I followed the diet pretty strictly and went nuts on my cheat day.

7:00am wake up

7:10 am- protein shake in the shower, standard process SP complete diary free shake, and morning vitamins

12:00pm: 2 chicken breasts, 2 cups of lentils, hand full of mixed greens.

5pm: 2 chicken breasts, 2 cups of lentils, hand full of mixed greens.

8pm:2 chicken breasts, 2 cups of lentils, hand full of mixed greens.

Cheat day

I went nuts on cheat day. Soda and candy for breakfast, burgers and pizzas for lunch, Pasta and enough garlic bread to feed Africa for dinner. I did not follow any damage control suggestions.


I did the G2F workout once a week.

"Bike Shed Effect"

After a week on this diet my friends and family thought I was nuts/stupid. I was told that I couldn't survive on beans and chicken. Not only do I love the SCD I also love my new body and feel great. My goal is to reach 175 then start G2F with the intent to build muscle.

Life is good!


I posted the links to my pictures below.





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I've just registered here inspired by your post, MentalTrap.

Would you mind to post here some more details about your workout ?

  • MentalTrap commented Aug 11th 2011:

    I'm glad I was a bit of inspiration. This box only allows so many words to be typed in it. So If I'm missing anything that you would like to know more of just let me know.

    1.Pull over 70 lbs 8 reps superset with Yates bent row 115lbs 7 reps 2.Shoulder-width leg press 360lbs 9 reps

    3.Butterfly ( basically pec-deck with dumbbells instead) 35lbs dumbbells superset with dips 8 reps no weight.

    4.Leg curl 120 lbs on the machine 8 reps (I'm not sure if 120 lbs on the machine is actually 120 lbs)

    5. Reverse curls ( there are no thick bars at my gym), I used the bench press bar with is 45 lbs 6 reps

    6. Seated calf raises 90lbs 10 reps

    7. Machine crunches machine said 80 lbs but I not sure if this is the actual weight 10 reps.

    Everything to failure.


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Hi, your post is so encouraging to me! what is G2F workout.

Also I thought we are not suppose to do protein shakes, if this does work I can so do the protein shake. I think that what I'm doing is perfect but my results tell me differently! I'm hoping to get answers and make the changes I need to make! I have 10lbs to lose and I feel as I will never get there!.

Best regards.


  • MentalTrap commented Aug 12th 2011:

    G2F is Geek to Freak it is on page 187 in the book.

    As for the protein shake there has been some debate on whether the Whey in the protein causes some people to stall during their weight loss. For me there were no negative side effects so I used unsweetened whey protein for my morning shake.

    As for not getting the results you want there might be a few things you are missing. Pounds on the scale is not the only way to measure success have you taken pictures of yourself or measured your body fat? Also re-read the chapter containing the details of the slow carb diet and see if you are missing something. If you follow the SCD just give it some time to work. I wish you the best and let me know if I missed anything.

  • mpjoubert commented Aug 29th 2011:

    Great work!


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Wow wow wow! Love the erased face in the before pics! Too funny!


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Way to go, I am on my second and seeing results like yours only get me more fired up


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Wow, you look amazing!

One question; how do you survive on just a shake from 7-12? I've tried that but I get exhausted, nauseous and dizzy!

  • MentalTrap commented Aug 6th 2011:

    First off thanks for the nice comment!

    How do I survive for 4 hours and 50 minutes on just a protein shake? Well I have a feeling that my morning routine is a little less physically demanding then most. I start class at 8am and slowly drift in and out of consciousness until we break for lunch at 12:00pm. By 11:30am I'm so hungry I could eat my notebook, but I feel that is not the best way to "digest" the material. I'm sure this comment has been of no help, haha. I wish you the best of luck in your 4HB experience.

  • guestnurse commented Sep 24th 2011:

    awesome! thanks for a motivating post!!


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Great results! Keep it up!


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Good for you!

this post has definitely spurred me on.....

Thanks for the inspiration

  • MentalTrap commented Sep 24th 2011:

    Thank you! I wish the best for you as well.


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Congrats! :)

I love seeing results because it keeps me inspired... woooo!

  • MentalTrap commented Sep 24th 2011:

    Thanks! I hope you are seeing the results you wanted as well.

  • Steph commented Sep 25th 2011:

    Getting there... I'm so impatient I just want the weight off already!

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