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Slow Carb, but legumes and vegetables have carbs


Been on SCD for a few weeks now, i have other questions where i posted my "stats" (weight loss and blood tests).

I do have a question though:

this is the slow carb diet, but still we eat a lots of carbs from vegetables and legumes (they do have a lot of carbs in them).

What is the math behind it? If we stay and count carbs you can see you could go over the daily % of carbs needed by the body, and still the weight loss is there.

For example, today (1 hour ago) i ate black beans and chicken. like 150g of chicken and 2-300g of black beans.

Those beans have like ~25% carbs, so from 300g would be ~75g carbs.

What is the catch?


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The name of the program "Slow Carb" comes from the legumes you consume not the amount of carbs you consume. Legumes are a "slow digesting carb" thus "Slow Carb Diet". This is not a LOW Carb or NO Carb diet, it's just a healthier and slow digesting carb plan. It's meant to regulate your glucose levels so you don't spike them and make the insulin start to go and store fat, which you don't want to do.

It's all about healthier carbs, not "fast digesting carbs" like bread, rice, pasta, sugar, dairy, and fruit. The fast digesting carbs give you short bursts of energy and are absorbed quickly and converted into fat while the slow digesting carbs are not absorbed as quickly and keep you full longer than fast digesting carbs.

So, there ya go...and knowing is half the battle....(G.I. Joe! YO JOE!) ;)

  • sbrown commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Good answer, Akane! All carbs are NOT created equally! Love the G. I. Joe line, BTW!

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Heehee, thanks, Sbrown! :D I figured someone would get it! :)

  • jsmith commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Thanks a lot

  • ascnt2grtns commented Aug 15th 2011:

    Is it possible to eat too many vegetables?! long as I am eating the legumes and protein? I feel that veggies are VERY important and hate to limit them....what do you think?

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 16th 2011:

    No there is no such thing as eating too many veggies unless it is higher sugar veggies like tomatoes, carrots, peas, and corn. Otherwise, leafy, cruciferous green veggies are awesome. Eat away!

  • holdem commented Mar 11th 2012:

    Nice.. thanks for the info! Al.

  • matwelli commented May 11th 2012:

    leafy vegetables actually end up being negative carbs, i think a brussel sprout takes 75 cals to digest and only returns 50 , so not all carbs are equal :)

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The Catch is Insulin

Carbohydrates are Sugar chains. The longer the sugar chain the more Complex it is.

Well, If you look at the Carb breakdown on beans and brocolli

A large portion of those carbs are indigestible dietary fiber. The sugars are also extremely low. Meaning the rest of the carbs are complex carbohydrates which take the body much longer to break down.

The diet works on the principle of moderating insulin levels to avoid spikes. Insulin is the Big hormonal trigger for glucose to be metabolized by fat cells. When insulin spikes It works by stopping fat cells from dispersing energy and opens up the pores to feed them glucose.

Simple sugars are already broken down and prepped for the body to metabolize quickly. While the more complex carbohydrates take more processing to be put into a form efficient enough for metabolic use.

When you eat complex carbs solely you are creating slow drip of sugar into the bloodstream keeping insulin stable and your fat cells consistently metabolizing their energy to fill gaps where needed. This is why you lose fat on extremities first and belly last. They are simply further down the line on the blood vessel highway and your organs need the energy more than your hands and feet. So the fat on them is used because of proximity. Once you lose most of the fat on your extremities the arms and legs are going to start needing energy and the only place to get it is the belly. That is why tremendous results are achieved after week 8 or so when everything starts accelerating.

  • letsmaketshirts commented Mar 7th 2012:

    AAAAAND you just blew my mind.

  • sirspiffy commented Apr 12th 2012:


  • Spleeny Zambonius commented May 11th 2012:

    Thank you so much for that last line! I'm only on my third cheat day today, and was feeling quite bummed about my lack of visible progress. Though I've been feeling more fit, toned, and muscular, I still look bulky. :P

  • Drewfis H commented Oct 21st 2012:

    Wow that's interesting. I have a question for you. If I have burned off the fat in my extremities already, are certain targeted resistance exercises better at burning excess fat than others? Also, got any other helpful gems? Thanks!

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