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Everyone, Start Creating Your Own Challenges!

I wanted to begin by saying what a pure pleasure it's been to be part of this community and watch how much it's grown and evolved. It's amazing to think how it all started with just one book, and has since become a full-blown community of health & fitness gurus. I wanted say thanks to everyone for being so helpful and committed in providing incredibly informative and supportive information to help each other in reaching their fitness goals.

Since many of us have reached our goals and evolved beyond the book, we wanted to provide people with a mechanism for everyone to share what they learned, and continue to grow, learn, and experiment with new ways–that was when ' Challenges' were born. So far, the response has been incredible so far, and I congratulate those of you who have taken the initiative and completed any of our challenges. But that is just the beginning. All of you have such an incredible wealth of untapped knowledge that all of us could benefit from, so we're eager to open up challenges for everyone to create. Things such as recipes or exercise routines are perfect material for challenges.

We don't have a formal tool built yet, but in the meantime, anyone who wants to submit their own challenge can post it to the forum by following the steps below:

How to submit a challenge:

  1. Log in and click here: http://www.4hourpeople.com/ask.question/ . Click the 'Post a tip' tab.
  2. Add the word 'Challenge: ' before your title
  3. Now break down your challenge into individual steps, or activities using the links below. For example, if your challenge is a workout routine that contains 3 exercises at the gym, you'd create 3 activities at the gym.

    Create an activity at home (for recipes, and other)


    Create an activity at the gym (for workout routines)


    Create an activity at your home gym (for exercises you can do at home)


    Once you've created your activities, you can paste links to them in your post. Add a brief description of your challenge and a photo if you have one, and you're done!

    Here is an example of a challenge post:


As usual, please reply to this post with your own ideas and suggestions for how to improve challenges and the submission process...

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