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Weight loss but in the wrong places

I have dropped about 8 lbs in under a month and my waist measurement has gone down maybe 1-2cm so far, but I seem to be loosing fat in all the wrong places, like upper chest/shoulders area and butt/hips. went from 179 to 171 so I wasn't that fat to begin with but still have maybe 1-1.5 inches on my belly button area, enough so no abs are present but my obliques are starting to show as well as my hip bones. veins are somewhat visible at my pelvic area, so I just have this little tire on the abs.

Is there anything I can do to reduce this area, I don't want to go to 157lbs at 6'1 just to get kind of a six pack. It's too skinny for a man. What can I do?


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There could be a few contributing factors to this.

First is genetics: your genes tell your body where to store fat first (and therefore lose it last), so you may just be predisposed to having the fat around your waist/over your abs that would cause your 171 lbs to look different from the next guy.

Second could be posture related: Unsure if this relates to you, you'll have to determine this yourself. I have a female friend that always complained about a small "pouch" of "fat" that she never seemed to be able to lose over her ab/waist area, no matter how thin she was. Turns out it was moreso due to the fact that she had bad posture, which caused her body to look incorrect when it was really just extra skin piling there because her shoulders were rolled forward enough to cause the whole front of her body to "droop" for lack of a better word. Check out this picture to see more closely what I mean. This represents the same person, just with differing spinal alignments:


If you believe the second reason is your cause, consider visiting a chiropractor. If it's the first reason, then you can try to duke it out with your DNA ;)

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