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@name and #hashtags

I added ability to quick-link with @ name and # hashtag, similar functionality they have at twitter.

You can now add @ (at) sign in front of any member name e.g. @4hourbod to link to people in your posts.

You can also add # (hash) in front of words to link to any tag page e.g.#protein.

Play with it tell me what you think.

  • 4HourBod commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    thank you for vote @willydogusa :)

  • s joshua commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    Nifty @4HourBod :)

  • 4HourBod commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    Welcome back @s_joshua, thought we lost you to those experiments or at least that you have turn into X man (hmm, can not support space on usernames anymore). Would you hate if I underline you in DB, or smash together or replace with dot? Something like it, so people can link you.

  • s joshua commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    @4HourBod : Thanks for the welcome back! Had some vacations and such, combined with laziness, but depending on work load I'm back now. Ooo I feel special, having a space and all! But you can nix it if it's messing up your haxzor codez.

  • 4HourBod commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    OK added hack that if you pass underscore ( _ ) and it is not available it will also check for variation with space (just for@s_joshua). Also no more spaces in name available for new members - you can do underscore ( _ ), dash ( - ) or dot ( . ) instead.


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Sweet, I love it! @s_joshua and @4HourBod


  • 4HourBod commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    Still have not made tags recalculating at real time - that is coming next, but if you use some of those that people been tagging in posts it will work.

  • TeaLove commented Aug 4th 2011:

    Thanks bebe! I totally don't know what that means but I am super grateful anyway :)

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Cool, thanks for this. One 'nice to have' would be to have it stream to my profile feed, so I can see any@mentions with my name, kinda like Twitter =-)

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