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Goodbye Skinny Fat Man

Hey there -

After years of simply being neither unhappy nor content with my body, I simply let things stay the way they were convinced that I couldn't build muscle. After reading Tim's book and getting over some insecurities, I've decided to push myself to a new physical, mental and spiritual peak.

I'm hoping to learn a lot from all of you, and I can't wait to share in your successes and trials and that you'll be here for me when I face them myself! So far, I'm three weeks into SCD and I've lost weight and started to bulk up - I can't wait to see how much further I can go with your support : )


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Your question title summarizes why I started this adventure - the Mr. Bean in a bathing suit look (long, limpy limbs, intersected with a built-in hip-sack, belly roll) was NOT the direction I wanted to head any longer. Still trying to find the balance between gaining muscle and losing fat. Not an easy balancing act and lots of trial and error, but I am slowly heading in the right direction. I, personally, have not found any magic, one-month mass-gaining technique, or fat-shedding strategy, but I am finding success with the basic premise of Tim's book (adjusted with advice from the knowledgeable folks here).

Best of luck in your quest, Uncletoucan!


  • Uncletoucan commented Aug 7th 2011:

    Hey Shawn - great to meet you! It looks as if you're well on your way to fighting your genes as well! So far, so good on my end, and I'll be looking to you and the rest of the heroes out there for advice when I hit any roadblocks!

    Keep well, and most of all, keep it up : D



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I'm glad you're willing to learn and attempt to change your physique. You can do this! Welcome to the site.


  • Uncletoucan commented Aug 7th 2011:

    Thanks in advance for the inspiration!

    Take care, and thanks for the warm welcome!

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