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Casein or Whey Protein???

Hi guys in respose to Laura Cox's post - TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat! here's my questions; I very rarely have a shake for breakfast, only if I've been lazy and not pre-made my breakfast quiche. However if I do it is always after 20 mins on my spin bike, so does that make whey protein ok or is it always better after a weights workout?

Also what kind of protein do you have in your shake that Tim prescribes in the book, my partner is on Occam's and has very low carb whey protein in his shake, he has put on quite abit of fat since being on Occams would casein protein in his morning and night prescribed shake help this?


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between the 2 post workout, i'd go with whey as it's quicker release. but still avoid all protein powders when possible.

as far as protein in my shake. the whey is the protein. for Occam's i used whey. Casein is acceptable as the shake is in the morning and evening and may minimize fat gain as it is slower release. But technically Occam's shouldn't worry too much about fat gain. Mass is the focus and fat can be lost quickly after.

I would look at what's in the it 100% whey protein or 100% casein - no added sugars/flavors etc. If you have a shake that says "low carb" I'm guessing there is a bunch of other stuff in it--and most likely artificial sweeteners or 'natural sweeteners'.

I used Isopure zero carb unflavored unsweetened whey when I was on Occam's.


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Neither in my opinion. I don't like any cow based proteins due to the fact that 1) you never know if the cows have hormones injected in them, 2) antibiotics are almost always given to cows and 3) the diets of most dairy cows sucks.

Check out a pea or rice based protein. The pea is better while rice is little more grittier. The amino acid profile isn't as good as the dairy based ones but eat lots of veggies (which you should do anyway).



The premium flavors use artificial sweatners so beware. Check out thier forums and the labels prior to ordering so you know what you are getting into.

  • justin commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    post workout - i believe pea has better bioavailablity than rice. Hemp would be one of the best choices post workout if not using whey. still whole foods are the best.

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