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Bacon wrapped eggs

I came across this recipe for bacon wrapped eggs. Easy and awesome!


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Scrambling the eggs first makes for a better fished product in my opinion. Delicious!

  • Krista Valleskey commented Sep 6th 2012:

    So great to hear! I don't like hard boiled eggs and scrambled is my favorite so I was hoping to try it like that :) Glad it works then!

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This is awesome, I'll definitely be trying this out. Great find!


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I made this with Turkey Bacon and Shrimp! Amazing and so filling, thank you!


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Wow, this deserves more than 1 "like" haha.

I will be eating too many of these tonight!!


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Cheese tries to break my will everyday, This recipe looks delicious but I will not budge. Bwahaha.

  • cvesper commented Aug 1st 2011:

    Right, you can just leave out the cheese though, that's what I do

  • kurtzies commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    Made it, no cheese, delicious. Well done.

  • cvesper commented Aug 4th 2011:


  • SPQR commented Aug 4th 2011:

    Awesome! I bought a muffin form yerstady to make such awesome things!! Thanks for sharing!

  • martinifontaine commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Oh, hells yes! I see a great breakfast in my future!

  • angi465 commented Sep 5th 2011:

    Me too!


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I'm commenting on this to bump it, because it is so good and deserves attention!

I make these every week and keep some in the fridge for snacks or quick breakfast; 45 secs in the microwave re-heats nicely. I use Trader Joe's Peppered Turkey Bacon (the best turkey bacon IMO!) and skip the pre-cooking part. Sometimes I use a tiny bit of cheese but they are equally good without. DEEELISH!


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Im bummed out now. I just got done making my hard boiled egged for the week. Next week for sure I am am making this instead. That looks awesome

  • TeeRaySee commented Feb 6th 2012:

    One question...Love this idea but is the egg runny once it's done...just can't do runny eggs. Thank you!

  • Dustin_Lund commented Feb 6th 2012:

    I just made them an hour ago, after 15 min at 400 degrees F (204 C), the eggs are NOT runny on the inside.

  • TeeRaySee commented Feb 6th 2012:

    Thank you so much...I'm thinking this could be a great make ahead breakfast for me.


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Just got finished making these -- they're pretty good! Needed, needed, needed, fast breakfasts.

I used:

turkey bacon 1.5-2 slices/muffin

1 egg/muffin

I can of black beans/12 muffins

4 chopped shallots/12 muffins

They needed more flavor--next time I will be more adventurous with the spices. I think part of that is the 'plain' bean flavor needs to be covered. Forgot to spray the pans, too, ugh. Maybe I will use cupcake liners next time? Anyone tried this?

  • cvesper commented Feb 13th 2012:

    Use real bacon, and sticking to the pain won't be a problem. I used montreal steak seasoning on the bacon while i baked it and that gave it a lot more flavor. Experiment with seasonings

  • ohnonotcrystal commented Feb 13th 2012:

    Thanks for the tip. I was thinking this might be a factor; good excuse to use real bacon! I'm bad at spices so the tip for the spice mix is also appreciated!


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This looks like a heart attack in the waiting

  • cvesper commented Apr 17th 2012:

    How do you figure? Eggs and bacon are not going to give you a heart attack.


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another variation of this is to use chopped up broccoli and onions ( i use white or red ) and banana peppers for a bit of a bite.. mix in a bowl all ingredients... and cook at 350 for 25 min.. .. great to make for the week and a quick re heat in the microwave.. ..


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LOVE this recipe! Super easy. I added hot sauce and 1/8 cup cooked lentils to each egg cup. For a fast breakfast, I cook these ahead of time, and when I need them, I just heat up two and throw them on top of a bed of raw spinach. Chop. Chop. Gobble. Gobble. If my protein calculations are correct, I get about 22 grams of protein (including the lentils) in this SUPER TASTY breakfast.

Sometimes, I throw them in my lunch cooler and eat one cold if I end up having to go too long between meals. Not my favorite way to eat them but it sure does curb the hunger enough to help me avoid the oatmeal raisin cookies at work...

Thank you SO much for posting this!


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Try a couple of shakes of some hot sauce on the eggs mmmm ;)

  • cvesper commented Sep 16th 2011:

    Indeed, love Franks hot sauce

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