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feedback on my slow carb so far

Okay, I have been doing it for a month and lost around 11 pounds which includes working out seven days a week. my typical day begins with a protein shake, I mixed OJ( 50%less sugar and calories orange juice brand) with a banana or strawberries and I add flax -also eggs whites , turkey bacon, veggie sausage or Canadian bacon, I don't Have beans or vegetables in the morning-hard to do.

lunch consist of lentils, chicken or beef and vegetable -dinner is fish or beef, beans, vegetables. Snacks includes almonds or celery/peanut butter. And I end w/ a glass wine.

Any suggestions?


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If you're following slow carb - drop the OJ, banana and strawberries. No fruit allowed.

I'd trade in the protein shake (especially if it's sweetened) for whole eggs or meat.

make sure you're getting enough protein.

working out 7 days a week may be a little much. If you're "forcing yourself to cheat" you don't really need to cheat big every week. spiking calories once a month should do it. You can go with a cheat meal or just eat fruits the other 3 weeks. your choice.

  • TeaLove commented Jul 30th 2011:

    Backing up what Lord Justin says :)

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Define workout 7 days a week. That can easily be excesive and retard your fat loss due to lack of healing. Not to mention the body (especially my body) adapts quickly to workouts and I get deminishing returns. Just a suggestion, when posting, use as much detail as possible without driving people insane.:)


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Red flags all around. Fruits? Everyday exercise? Congrats on the 11 pound weight loss but is this sustainable?

  • BobbyBigGuns commented Jul 30th 2011:

    Not sure I can agree with you on this. It really depends on what he is trying to accomplish. With workouts 7 days a week, he needs carbs and depending on what fruit he eats and how much, that is fine. A banana after a cardio workout is good your body. Remember every "body" is different and what works for Tim may not work for BobbyBigGuns. In fact, it doesn't.

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